Advanced Massage Therapy

Raynor Massage is one of the world’s most advanced forms of massage therapy. It encompasses ancient knowledge from India, China, Japan, Thailand and Hawaii along with advanced massage therapy techniques developed by Naturopath Brandon Raynor and his associates. With 30 years of experience massaging and travelling the world studying various styles of advanced massage therapy … Continued

Best massage course

If you are looking for the best massage course, then you have come to the right place. We teach Raynor massage all over the world and we consistently get great reviews for our students. We teach an intensive massage course that is the best value for money but also the best quality massage course in … Continued

Top 3 Reasons Why Massage Therapists Lose Clients and How to Change That

In this ever increasing fast paced, information laden world, it is no wonder that people are reportedly experiencing high levels physical, emotion and social stress. A good massage is needed now more than ever. Just look around and you will see that there is no shortage of potential clients– whether it is to fix sore … Continued

Massage Courses in Rutland, Vermont

NEW ONLINE COURSE We are now offering an online Raynor Massage Certificate Course. It is a comprehensive deep tissue massage course that teaches you the fundamentals of Raynor Massage. All the content covered in our Massage Certificate Course in now available in our online course where you can study at your own pace where ever … Continued

Massage Courses Wagga Wagga

Brandon Raynor’s School of Massage and Natural Therapies has been offering Raynor massage courses in Sydney since 1997. Since our humble beginnings teaching massage courses in Bondi Beach we have now grown to be a school in many countries all over the world teaching our advanced style of deep tissue therapeutic massage called Raynor massage. We are offering Raynor massage courses in Wagga … Continued

Short massage courses in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK

Brandon Raynor’s Massage and Natural Therapies School offers short massage courses in a very holistic and comprehensive form of massage therapy called Raynor massage. Our short massage course is designed for beginners or for therapists that would like to upgrade their skills by adding a new modality to their repertoire. Raynor massage is a deep … Continued

Massage Training for Nurses

Are you currently a nurse and wanting to enhance your scope of practice? It may come as no surprise that many of our massage graduates are retired or existing nurse practitioners or medical personnel. While nurses may have their own specialties within the medical field, they generally share common characteristics that help them to excel … Continued

Great Experience

I went into this course without any massage background and it was a great experience. My trainer John Ryan and wife Kathie …

Broadened my mind

I just got certified in your Perth course and it was so packed full of new information that broadened my mind and even heightened my spirits …

I never stop being delighted and amazed

This year I trained in Hawaii with Brandon Raynor to Advanced Level. The Raynor technique is extremely effective when working within the massage industry, and has benefited my education and understanding of how the whole body can be released and healed. I now have a wider client base, and my income has increased along with my own confidence.