Massage Training for Nurses

Are you currently a nurse and wanting to enhance your scope of practice? It may come as no surprise that many of our massage graduates are retired or existing nurse practitioners or medical personnel. While nurses may have their own specialties within the medical field, they generally share common characteristics that help them to excel as massage practitioners. This includes empathy and compassion, strong verbal communication skills, attentiveness, impeccable hygiene and client centered care. Nurses also have the advantage of knowing anatomy and physiology along with overlapping terms like referred pain. In addition, a good understanding of the intricacies and interconnections of the human mind, body and spirit is crucial for success in the medical and the massage industry.

After completing our short courses, many nurses set up successful massage practices or use massage inconjunction with their current job. It is common to find higher career satisfaction as a massage practitioner due to the new ability to treat clients beyond the confines of conventional medicine and bureaucratic restraints often imposed onto nurses. With your massage career, you will have the flexibility to schedule your own work hours at the location of your choice, which is a huge bonus compared to the long hours that most nurses endure.

Another major reason why nurses have enrolled in our massage course is because massage is often able to prevent so many diseases and ailments, so their clients do not end up in the hospital in the first place. For example, chronic stress is a leading cause of many preventable diseases like high blood pressure, stroke, and cardiac disease. The type of massage we teach is Raynor Massage, a holistic deep tissue massage. It is unique style of massage because it seeks to eliminate not only physical stress, but mental and emotional stress as well. When tension and stress are released, the body can restore to its optimal state of health.