Brandon Raynor’s School of Massage and Natural Therapies is offering “on demand” Raynor massage courses in Wagga Wagga. Our school has been offering Raynor massage courses in Sydney since 1997. Since our humble beginnings, we have now grown to be a school in many countries all over the world teaching our advanced style of deep tissue therapeutic massage called Raynor massage. We are offering Raynor massage courses in Wagga Wagga on an on demand basis. If you have 4 or more people that are eager to train for satisfying career in massage therapy than we can arrange a course for you.

massage course in Wagga Wagga
Graduates of our massage course in Sydney

Our massage courses in Wagga Wagga  and throughout Australia are very different than any other available in Australia due to the simplicity and effective manner of Raynor Massage.  In these short massage courses, you will learn to massage in a way that will leave your clients wondering where you trained and how this massage is better than any other they have ever experienced.

To enrol in a massage course or for more information, please email [email protected]

Intensive deep tissue massage courses in Wagga Wagga

Our massage courses in Wagga Wagga were developed with the beginner in mind by a Naturopath and massage therapist, Brandon Raynor,  who has been practising in the field for many years. They are hands-on and individualized courses, designed to get you massaging from day one.  You will learn to develop your sense of touch so as to detect muscle tension and blocked energy in its many forms, layers and channels in the individual patient’s body. You will also learn to trace problems to their source rather than just treating them locally. For more information on these principles please see the articles What is Raynor massage, and What is Chi.

We train you in a holistic massage, treating the whole body, mind and soul in order to restore the client to wellness and balance. You will also learn how one area of the body is closely correlated with another part of the body. This is often why clients experience pain or tension in one area of their body but the root cause of the problem is coming from another part of the body, this is also known as referred pain.  For example, a client may be getting headaches but the source of the problem may be due to  tightness in their hands, which travels up the arms into the neck and into the head causing headaches. We will teach you how to get to the source of this muscle tension and relieve it through developing a heightened sense of touch and an understanding of how the body functions in a holistic manner. You will also learn a variety of techniques from the world’s most renowned massage styles.

Massge Course in Wagga Wagga
Raynor massage course in Sydney

A massage that can actually release deep seated chronic tension and free the body’s subtle energies on this deepest level works wonders with emotional and physical ailments, as many emotional problems actually have physical manifestations as tense muscles in various parts of the body. Our cutting edge approach to deep therapeutic massage is one of the best remedies to treat anxiety, depression, deep seated emotional disturbances, stress and can assist in healing back pain, various injuries, repetitive strain injury, pinched nerves, sciatica, muscular spasms, aches, pain, stiffness, migraines, arthritis, scoliosis, and some forms of immobility.

This is what we strive to teach in our short and intensive massage courses. We respect your time. We know that you are busy and don’t want to waste time and money with filler subjects that are irrelevant. Instead our massage courses aim to only teach the most important skills, techniques, and experiences that will make you a confident and effective massage therapist ready to help others immediately.

Raynor Massage – A Holistic and Deep Form of Bodywork

Brandon Raynor brings more than 24 years of experience in the field of massage therapy and natural medicine, including 5 diplomas in healing arts, into creating these courses. Each course was methodically designed to encompass the essence and best techniques from  all major massage styles around the world, plus a lot of knowledge from his many years of experience. This includes Brandon’s extensive training and experience in many fields of massage such as Japanese shiatsu massage, Thai massage, Hawaiian massage, Ayurvedic massage from India as well as Swedish, Remedial massage, Deep Tissue and Sports massage. He is also a qualified Naturopath and Eastern medical expert and brings his 26 years of experience with meditation and yoga into his style of massage.

Brandon Raynor then collated and expanded this knowledge into one, well rounded technique referred to as Raynor Massage. This holistic and deep tissue bodywork has been extremely effective in restoring health to Raynor massage clients around the world, making Raynor massage practitioners leaders in the the health arena.

wagga wagga massage course
Detailed foot massage at our massage course in Auckland

This well rounded approach that takes the best from traditional medicine systems and cultures from all over the world makes it so that you can experience this well rounded, holistic and deep form of bodywork that we call Raynor massage in an affordable way to learn to massage in terms of both your time and money.

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