Short massage courses in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK

Brandon Raynor’s Massage and Natural Therapies School offers short massage courses in a very holistic and comprehensive form of massage therapy called Raynor massage. Our short massage course is designed for beginners or for therapists that would like to upgrade their skills by adding a new modality to their repertoire. Raynor massage is a deep tissue form of massage that is designed to rid the body of all residual tension accumulated through stress, emotional issues, overuse of muscles and general living.

Short massage course
Raynor massage course in Namibia, Africa

Our 5 day Certificate Course is a great short massage course designed for people that would like to get an introduction to Raynor massage and would like to help friends and family live a better stress free life or people wanting to get a quick start with massage. Our 10 day Diploma Course is a short massage course designed for people that would like to practice professionally as a massage therapist. Either course a person can get insured for professional practice after completion of the course.

Although the Raynor massage courses are short massage courses that does not mean they are not a good quality massage course. In fact Raynor massage courses will make a person a highly competitive massage therapist that will easily be able to favourably compete with graduates of longer courses at a more bureaucratic massage school.

Short massage course in New Zealand
Raynor massage course in New Zealand

We encourage you to look through our site further or to look at our youtube site with examples of Raynor massage techniques in practice, and also to look at past students reviews of our massage school on our facebook page.

We hold short massage courses in locations such as

  • Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Gympie.
  • Canada – Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.
  • New Zealand – Auckland and Christchurch
  • UK – London and Devon
  • Africa – Windhoek, Namibia

Please see our worldwide course calender for upcoming short massage courses in a location close to you.

If you have any questions about our short massage course please contact us