Herbal Medicine Correspondence Course

Herbal Medicine Course

Students enrolled in the herbal medicine correspondence course will gain a strong foundation in the history and principles and practices of worldwide herbal medicine.

Practice Safe & Gentle Herbal Healing

Herbalists are in great demand these days as many people have experienced or witnessed first-hand the harmful effects of many pharmaceutical drugs and medical procedures, and are wanting to try a safer and more natural approach with herbal medicine. While Brandon Raynor’s Massage and Natural Therapies School acknowledges the need for some prescribed drugs or surgery in the event of extreme cases, in general we believe that using herbs in a holistic manner may be more appropriate for treating a person and not just their symptoms.

For instance, many pharmaceutical drugs acknowledge the effectiveness of herbs, whereby they isolate one component in a plant known as the active ingredient, then concentrate it into a ready-to-use form that a doctor can administer. These drugs contain highly concentrated amounts of the active ingredients, more than their natural counterpart, and therefore produce faster results. Unfortunately, the higher dosages and quicker results typically lead to unwanted and harmful side effects too. Each year thousands of people die from the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs when doctors could have provided less dangerous, but effective herbal treatment plans over a course of time.  By the end of your course, you will know how to use various herbal practices to support optimal health for you and your clients.

This course is unique because it encompasses the world’s major cultural traditions of natural medicine, providing you with a diverse breadth of knowledge in Chinese, European, Native American, and Ayurvedic medicine as well as European and North American Herbology.

Course Outline

What You Will Learn

  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • How to identify and utilize plant parts
  • Usage of herbs to assist in the aid of preventing and curing diseases
  • Herbal philosophies & traditions from the East and the West, modern and ancient

Career Outcomes

When you complete this course, you will be a certified planetary herbalist. A planetary herbalist varies from most other herbalists because they are not limited to one cultural practice. Instead, planetary herbalists are able to utilize wisdom from a wide range of cultures, using one or more herbal traditions to treat or prevent a disease. By having a broad education in herbalism, you will have more success in being able to adapt and/or combine a herbal treatment for your clients.

Complementary Courses

The Herbal Medicine Correspondence Course is an intensive and in depth herbology course. You can use this as a stand-alone course or, if you like, combine it with our other courses  to become a holistically minded herbalist. This course is one of five sections of our Holistic Naturopathy Certificate course. Completing this course will also give you credit if you want to go on to complete our Naturopathic program.

Enrolling In Our Herbal Medicine Correspondence Course

Course Requirements

There are no set requirements to enrol in our Herbal Medicine Correspondence Course. This is because we intentionally try to make our courses accessible to as many students as possible. We accept all students over the age of 18 who have a desire to learn and to heal through natural medicine. You should also have a reasonable understanding of English because the course is delivered in this language.

Course Duration

This is a self paced correspondence course with full access to expert tutorials. It usually takes students twelve months to complete the course. Extensions are available, however, if this isn’t enough time. In addition, we are happy to work with you if you’d like to finish more quickly.

Fee Structure

AUD $795 (Not including textbooks)

How To Enrol

You can contact us to enrol, and we’ll send you everything you need to get started.

Upcoming Courses

Since it is a self-paced course, you can start our Herbal Medicine Correspondence Course at any time of your choosing. Expert tuition is available when you need it in order to ensure you are receiving the highest quality education.

Herbal Medicine FAQ

Can I get insurance after completing this course?

If you are thinking of practicing as a herbalist after completing this course, it is a good idea to look into insurance options. There are several options on where to get your standard Malpractice and General Liability Insurance, one of the companies that we recommend is JUA Underwriting Agency Pty Limited due to its affordability (www.jua.com.au)

Will I be a fully qualified herbalist after completing this course?

In Australia, herbalism is not a registered health profession, therefore you will be able to advertise and practice as a qualified herbalist after completing this course. If you do plan to practice, we would recommend that you source insurance before seeing patients. In addition, there may be legal ramifications if you give someone an inappropriate treatment, so we recommend treating gently and referring patients for medical treatment where indicated.

Can I start my studies at any time?

Yes, you can enrol and start your studies at any time. This is an online course and there is no classroom attendance. Currently this is a textbook based only course; we do not have video content or any additional components.

Are there any exams or just assignments?

There are assignments that correspond with each textbook and no exams. You may refer to your notes and books to assist you with your assignments. These assignments are designed to be simple and concise, and to ensure that you have read and properly understood the information before you counsel others.

What happens if I don’t pass one of my assignments with an 85% grade or higher?

Then you will be issued a different assignment and be allowed to retake it at an additional cost of $30. Though none of our students have had to have an assignment reissued for this course.

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