I never stop being delighted and amazed

This year I trained in Hawaii with Brandon Raynor to Advanced Level. The Raynor technique is extremely effective when working within the massage industry, and has benefited my education and understanding of how the whole body can be released and healed. I now have a wider client base, and my income has increased along with my own confidence.

Living and working in Tenerife, I have the advantage of being in one of Europes top holiday destinations and I meet people from all over the world on a daily basis. Since qualifying as an Advanced Raynor Bodyworker and using the very special Bands System, and all of the techniques associated with it, I have been delighted to increase my clientelle, and have many repeat clients from all over Europe who come to see me regularly just to have a Raynor Massage. The high standard of results from the clients problems are second to none and not only is it rewarding to work with this technique on a personal level but it brings much satisfaction on a professional level when you can genuinely help people who are injured or in pain. One of the biggest complients I have had recently was from a woman who had surgery on her shoulder 2 years ago, which then resulted in 91 sessions of physiotherpy. When she came to see me she still had very limited movement in her arm. I worked for just 1 hour using The Raynor Technique, and the next day she sent me a message saying she had achieved more in that 1 hour then the 91 sessions of physio, and her arm was the most mobile it had been in years……..I was astounded.

There are lots of stories like this, I never stop being delighted and amazed at the results that can be achieved from The Raynor Technique. As a single mum it was a huge gamble for me financially to do the course as it is expensive. But I can wholeheartedly say, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I am so glad I did it. I have secured my future for me and my daughter, I have a good reputation on the island, and people trust me and the service.

The ongoing support from the school after you qualify is something which you will not find easily elsewhere. Having access to the Brandon Raynor Practitioner page on Facebook is a valuable tool in speaking with other practitiones and receiving helpful advice from Maureen Abson. Also the latest practical videos on Youtube are invaluable at keeping your own practice alive and up to date, so you have constant access to how the technique is evolving, and adding more to your knowledge base all the time.

Thank you very much Brandon, Maureen and Terry for everything.

Raynor Advanced Practitioners Diploma
Written by: Elaine Whillock
Date Published: 01/03/2013