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Quickly develop skills with our 5 day introductory Massage Certificate course.

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Become incredibly effective with 5 days of intensive massage training.

*Level 3 - Raynor Massage Advanced Certificate in Australia

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Develop skills to make your treatments even more effective and transformative.

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Our Level 1 Online Introductory Course to Raynor Naturopathic Massage is a great way to get started learning Raynor Naturopathic Massage. Whether you are wanting to start a new career, add an exciting new modality to what you already practice or learn Raynor Naturopathic massage to help friends and family this is a great course to get started with. It is also the pre requisite for our Level 2, 3 and 4 courses.

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Providing Quality Massage Education: A Brief History of Raynor College

Raynor College of Massage & Natural Therapies is a leading international training provider, dedicated to offering high-quality massage education. With a mission to empower individuals through holistic healing, we have been providing comprehensive massage courses for over 25 years. Our courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to excel in the field of massage therapy. Join us on this transformative journey and embark on a rewarding career in natural therapies.

Internationally Recognised

Accredited member of the Massage Association of Australia, IICT, the World Massage Federation, and INTA.

  • Massage Association of Australia
  • International Institute for Complimentary Therapists
  • INTA
  • World Massage Federation

Graduate Stories

Hear what our graduates and students have to say.

Brandon Raynor Massage course was so helpful in that it has helped me, as an already practicing therapist, to further discern the roots of body tension and release it.
I also really enjoyed meeting Brandon and his personality is a breath of fresh air as a teacher and therapist.
The course is great as it has enmeshed within its content different aspects of other massage modalities from around the world. This aspect about the course was a gem for me as I learnt some of the best parts from other massage cultures.
I highly recommend the course to anyone starting their journey as a therapist or if you are already a therapist.
Thanks again Brandon
Joshua Corda Avatar
Joshua Corda
24 May 2024
ADVANCED RAYNOR MASSAGE COURSE I had an incredible 6 days learning more in depth Raynor massage last week in Australia. Brandon Raynor is so passionate about his teaching that his courses are priceless. I have been practicing Raynor massage over the last 6 years with amazing results. What I learned last week are bringing me to the next level of understanding this incredible modality. I understand more in depth the power of rhythm and flow and the importance of the breath. Advanced course is the next level. Any Raynor practitioner should do it. You have the chance to practice on other qualified students and receive quality massages like nowhere else. I already practice differently since I am back, and the results speak for themselves. I don't need to do much advertising; my clients take my cards and word of mouth is enough! If you are ready to change your life, ready to release your trapped body tensions (physical and emotional), you will feel like a new person. Thank you, Brandon, for this amazing opportunity to take this course and meet wonderful practitioners.
Body Mind Care Avatar
Body Mind Care
04 Mar 2023
Brandon, thank you for an amazing experience and sharing knowledge that i know will help clients with issues that come my way. The advance diploma course brought out a different side on how I can better myself with some great new techniques I can add to my arsenal.
Good laughs, fun learning and a great experience with all the great students that I felt a close bond with.
I appreciate and value what you are doing for this world to make it a tension free one!
Jean-loup Frederic Avatar
Jean-loup Frederic
28 Feb 2023
I'm so grateful for the amazing opportunity to do the 3 day course with Brandon and Lily. I was part of quite a large group of lovely people, and they both held so much space, guidance, knowledge and skill for all of us. I learnt a lot about what I needed to let go of within my body and soul, and how I can guide others to do the same. Thank you so much Brandon and Lily.
Miriam Stewart Avatar
Miriam Stewart
22 Nov 2022
I spent 7 days hands on with Brandon, Lilly and about a dozen friendly students like myself. I signed on as a beginner, I did the online course, and though upon arrival I was behind my fellow students in skill (some of whom were extremely experienced in various caring arts) I never felt neglected. The course I attended was truly a boutique course where Brandon worked his way through the group, demonstrating and teaching according to our individual ability and experience. It's undeniable that we all had our minds blown. I would recommend the experience to anyone. My level of bodily awareness has totally changed, the level of detail was fascinating, and if you are a novice like me you will also be in the best hands!

P.S. my once-injured toe moves a lot better after all the massage practice we did LOL
Dan Robinson Avatar
Dan Robinson
21 Nov 2022
Honestly from the bottom of my heart 10/10 . I went into this course knowing what Raynor massage can do but when Brandon worked on my hands / shoulder and feet it was absolutely life changing. Iโ€™ve got hardly any pain now after I suffered for so many years . I recommend if you want to help your self or anyone else release tension I would book in today . Brandon is an absolutely beautiful man with a heart of gold & so knowledgeable. Thankyou Brandon xx
JB Gaming Avatar
JB Gaming
22 May 2022
Such a comprehensive course with valuable content and teachings! Brandon combines his vast amount of experience in different types of massage into a very unique and deeply therapeutic approach to share with students. I felt very supported with the course along the way.
Laura Pfrunder Avatar
Laura Pfrunder
18 Dec 2021
After being diagnosed with rhuemtoid arthritis 18 months ago I had lost alot of strength and was suffering terribly from chronic fatigue. I had also suffered from an incredibly tight and tender big toe, which gives me alot of sciatic pain. I have tried many different techniques and therapies over the years including physiotherapy, bowen therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and have also seen many healing gurus around the globe to relieve the tension in my toe with no success. After one treatment from Brandon I can say with great relief that my toe is finally free from 40 years of tension. The raynor technique is not only effective, it's absolutely life changing. Brandon's intuition, years of experience, kindness, empathy and compassion make him not only a fantastic healer but also an outstanding teacher. Being in his class has given me the extra energy, confidence and happiness that's had been lacking for some time. Thanks again Brandon. I'm very grateful for all you do!
Danielle Mair Avatar
Danielle Mair
15 Nov 2020
It was a life changing experience for me. The best investment I could have ever made health wise. Hoping to help others in the same way. It was lots of fun too. Thankyou Brandon.
Anna Pompetti Avatar
Anna Pompetti
14 Jul 2020
So glad i did the Raynor massage course. Ive learnt so much in the two week diploma course in Mackay. Thank you Brandon for sharing your knowledge . Totally awesome, big five stars from me.
Robert Bobeldyk Avatar
Robert Bobeldyk
20 Nov 2019

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