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Level 1 - Online Raynor Massage Certification

Learn Raynor Massage with our comprehensive online massage course.

Level 2 - Raynor Massage Certificate

Quickly develop skills with our 5 day introductory Massage Certificate course.

Level 3 - Raynor Massage Diploma*

Become incredibly effective with 5 days of intensive massage training.

*Level 3 - Raynor Massage Advanced Certificate in Australia

Level 4 - Raynor Massage Advanced Diploma

Develop skills to make your treatments even more effective and transformative.

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Discover the Raynor Style of Massage and Experience Its Unique Benefits

The Raynor style of massage is a holistic approach that combines deep tissue massage, acupressure, and breathwork to release tension and promote overall well-being. By addressing both physical and energetic blockages in the body, this transformative massage technique can help alleviate chronic pain, reduce stress, and restore balance.

Providing Quality Massage Education: A Brief History of Raynor College

Raynor College of Massage & Natural Therapies is a leading international training provider, dedicated to offering high-quality massage education. With a mission to empower individuals through holistic healing, we have been providing comprehensive massage courses for over [X] years. Our courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to excel in the field of massage therapy. Join us on this transformative journey and embark on a rewarding career in natural therapies.

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Internationally Recognised

Accredited member of the Massage Association of Australia, IICT, the World Massage Federation, and INTA.

  • Massage Association of Australia
  • International Institute for Complimentary Therapists
  • INTA
  • World Massage Federation

Graduate Stories

Hear what our graduates and students have to say.

positive review absolutely loved the course and am changing lives using these modalities every single day
Beck Wilson Avatar
Beck Wilson
14 Nov 2019
positive review I’ve just come back from the advanced course in London - I actually did the week in October 18 but really wanted to go back again. I’d done the retreat with Dave in April/May 18 & absolutely loved it & although I’m really pleased I went to the advanced course, I wasn’t quite ready for it either! Brandon’s style is very different to Dave’s - it’s not a case of consolidating what you’ve learnt, but it takes it to a whole new level!

Watching Brandon work deeply can be a bit shocking at first. It looks so painful...& it is! But Brandon is right about people being red, amber or green. At the start of the week I was definitely red, only going to amber the day before the last day...I wanted to go for it but held back too long. However on the Saturday I decided to get out of my comfort zone & just went for it. You have to be a green light & surrender to the deep rooted pain & tension you’ve been holding onto for years!

Yes it’s painful, but it’s momentary & it feels so good to allow yourself to let it all go. The only way to understand the power of the advanced techniques is to experience them for yourself...& then you’ll be on a mission to find someone to work on you more!

I’m so pleased I returned to the advanced course a few days ago. I arrived with a years more experience, a desire to learn & a big green light to get worked on! I received some great treatments & got to practise on amazing therapists & got awesome advice & feedback. I’ve come back with a new confidence & excited to be continuing on this journey 😊

Thank you Brandon 🙏
Catherine Harris Avatar
Catherine Harris
17 Sep 2019
positive review In May 2002 I did a remedial massage course it was held at Perth and I would tell you honestly it is a grate experience I learned a lot from Brandon he is a great teacher
Hani Mezel Avatar
Hani Mezel
30 Jun 2019
positive review The guy's course is definitely the Ferrari of Massage courses. Been doing massage for ten years but this is a completely different modality with completely different results. Raynor is a cool caring guy and is absolutely invested in creating great practitioners as he is a true professional. Had lots of fun on this course and has taken my life in a new direction. So happy I did the course after deliberating for three years! Hopefully this type of massage/therapy spreads world wide! Truly an experience 🙂
Salty Steakman Avatar
Salty Steakman
25 Apr 2019
Wow what an awesome 10 days learning from the best...Brandon Raynor! I can honestly say not only did I learn things I'd never learn in polytech, but he helped me within myself & things that I'm going through @ the moment to realize, yes all my decisions I'm making are exactly what I need to be doing to heal myself & keep my girls happy & healthy. I'm truly honored to have meet Brandon & lucky enough to get on this course. Thank you for your beautiful light & encourage more to do this course. Kiaora
Arahia Fallon Avatar
Arahia Fallon
24 Mar 2019
I have had the pleasure of learning this awesome technique of massage from what i would describe , a master of his art. Brandons skills and the way he teaches have been very inspiring. The knowledge and skills i have learnt in the first 40 hour course have proven to me, Brandon is genuienly out to pass his knowledge on to his students in the quickest and most effective way. If you want to learn the art of massage and tension release in the body this course is the one you need. Next week i am back to do the 40 hour diploma ... Cant Wait !!!! Thanks so much Brandon this has been life changing for me .. Todd
Todd Kinsella Avatar
Todd Kinsella
16 Mar 2019
Brandon's massage course was fantastic! I did my certificate in Cambridge and absolutely loved it! Brandon's approach to the ideas of massage is unique, but very effective! As an athlete, I have had many niggles and injuries which have required treatment, but none of them have released my upper body tension in the way the Raynor techniques did! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to release physical or emotional tension and improve the quality of life for themselves/friends/family. Brandon has a world of knowledge and experience, he has a genuine and caring demeanor, and is a fantastic teacher. I cannot speak more highly of him and his course!
Tori Peeters Avatar
Tori Peeters
15 Mar 2019
positive review Excellent teaching, great techniques, beautiful learning space! Would heavily recommend to anyone!
Taylor Hamilton-Giggins Avatar
Taylor Hamilton-Giggins
22 Dec 2018
positive review Just completed diploma course with the man himself Brandon Raynor.
What we learned in two weeks would elude most in a lifetime.
Congratulations Brandon for following your passion, and delivering it to others so effectively.
Garry Draper Avatar
Garry Draper
04 Dec 2018
positive review I've just finished the diploma massage course. I've previously done another massage course and I can say Brandon's course surpasses the other course I did. Completely loved this course, defiantly recommend if you want to become a health practitioner and assist people along their healing journey ✌🏽️👌🙌🏾🙏
Thank you so much Brandon for the opportunity to learn from you and expand my knowledge base.
Jai Stone Avatar
Jai Stone
01 Dec 2018

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