Flower Essences Correspondence Course

Flower Essences Course

Flower essences are a natural way to empower people to break cycles of stagnation and promote change and transformation, which will then allow a person to live up to their full potential.

Emotional & Energetic Support

We live in a fast-paced and complicated world, and because of this, many people are struggling with inner battles and external stressors. Through flower essences, health practitioners can learn how to assist clients with stress and energetic tension. Flower essences bring the healing power of nature into the emotions and mind.

Similarly to how mud and grime cover a beautiful gemstone in the earth, our mind can cover our spirit. In this way, our balance and harmony can become disturbed as we are not able to express or even experience the urges of our souls. Traumatic events and day-to-day stresses can have a dramatic impact on our mental and emotional clarity, almost to the point where we no longer seek help. Flower essences are an excellent choice to help a person cope with such effects. They act by bringing a person’s vibrational energy towards a healthy clarity in order to achieve balance. Some flower essences allow you to let go of past hurts, while others encourage you to look within to find joy. A skilled flower essence practitioner divines the right mix for a client, whether they need something grounding or rather something uplifting.

The Origins Of Flower Healing

The modality of flower essence healing began when Dr Edward Bach developed 38 remedies from herbal infusions made of flowers. Dr Bach, a British physician, discovered that individual flowers could address a specific emotional aspect of wellness. Flower essences are a simple and readily accessible way by which people can heal their emotions and transform their mental outlook. Above all, flower essences are a gentle healing tool, which makes them a good choice for patients who are sensitive.

Dr Bach practised in Great Britain at the beginning of the 20th Century. He used the flowers available to him at the time to create his 38 original Bach remedies. Flower essence practitioners travelled to America, Australia and continental Europe, thereby using flower essences around the world. Over time, health pioneers from other continents began making their own flower essences from native flowers. Native flower essences are often more relevant and useful to inhabitants of that environment. We therefore believe that a good flower essences practitioner should have a knowledge of flower essences around the world. This course will cover the original flower essences as well as common European, North American and Australian flower remedies.

Course Outline

What You Will Learn

  • History of Flower Essences and Dr Bach
  • Flower Essences in Society
  • Making Your Own Flower Essences
  • Diagnosis Techniques For Flower Essences
  • Treating Clients With Flower Essences
  • 38 Original Bach Flower Remedies
  • Californian Flower Essences
  • Australian Flower Essences

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be a certified Flower Essences Practitioner. You will be able to educate your clients and family on the healing qualities of flower essence therapy.  This will empower people and thereby enable them to use flower essences to enhance their life. If you would like to support your clients on a deeper level, then this is a good choice for you. Learn how to apply this incredible vibrational medicine to your healing practice.

You will learn will know how to make and choose flower remedies in order to fully heal a patient. You will achieve this by prescribing for each patient individually based on a specific physical or psychological profile that you have diagnosed. Furthermore, with the knowledge gained from this Flower Essences Course you will be able to help your clients to restore balance in their life and fully integrate their mind, body and soul.

Complementary Courses

Our Flower Essences Course is versatile and exciting. You will find value learning about flower essences either as a stand-alone course or combined with our other courses to make you a more holistically minded health practitioner. The Flower Essences Course is one of five sections of our Certificate of Naturopathy. If you would also like to complete our Certificate of Naturopathy, then you will get credit for completing the Flower Essences Course.

Enrolling In Our Flower Essences Course

Course Requirements

We do not set requirements to enrol in our Flower Essences Course. This is because we intentionally try to make our courses accessible to as many students as possible. All students over the age of 18 who have a desire to learn and to heal through natural medicine are welcome. We deliver the course in English, and therefore recommend that students have a good understanding of the language.

Course Duration

We’ve designed this as a self paced correspondence course in order to make it more convenient for students. You will still have, however, full access to expert tutorials. Usually, students study for about six months to complete the course. This is because the content is designed to be absorbed slowly and truly understood by experience. If you aren’t sure whether this isn’t enough time, don’t worry because extensions are available. In addition, we are happy to assist if you’d like to finish more quickly.

Fee Structure

USD$195 (Not including textbooks)

How To Enrol

If you’d like to enrol, please go to our flower essences course enrolment page.

Upcoming Courses

This is a self-paced course, so you can start our Flower Essences Course at any time of your choosing. Expert tuition is available when you need it in order to ensure you are receiving the highest quality education.

Flower Essences FAQ

What Are Flower Essences?

Every type of plant has a specific energy pattern and life force, which can be harnessed through a sun infusion of its flowers in a bowl of water. It is then diluted and preserved to capture the potency and vibration of the flower. Flower essences, when ingested or applied topically, have energetic properties that are used to correct emotional, spiritual and physical imbalances and blockages.

Who Is Dr Bach?

Dr Bach is a British physician who understood the potency of flowers and the profound effect they have in healing emotional/mental and spiritual issues. He developed the first 38 flower remedies and made them readily available for others to use in natural therapies.

How Do You Diagnose For Flower Essences?

There are several vibrational techniques that can be used to select flower essences for yourself and others including kinesiology, use of a pendulum, diagnostic cards, inner examination of imbalance, and direct sensing with intuition.
You will learn these various techniques in our Flower Essence Course.

Is There A Demand For Flower Essence Practitioners?

Yes! A key component to using flower essences successfully is to be able to accurately diagnosis the issue or issues at hand. While self-awareness and inner examination plays an important role, often times this process can be aided by a dialogue or observations of another. A flower essence practitioner can provide insight into underlying causes of imbalances, which essence or essences to use and in what combination, and for what duration. An experienced practitioner will also be able to provide emotional support and insight for a client as they confront deep seated pain and/or issues.

Are Flower Essences Safe To Take With Other Medications?

Yes, flower essences are safe for those who are taking prescribed medication as they work on a vibrational energy and not chemical makeup. In fact, most pharmaceuticals lead to unwanted side effects that sometimes may be countered by flower essences.

Who Can Benefit From Flower Essences

Flower essences can have a profound effect on consenting and open-minded adults, children and even animals. Although the percentage of alcohol, used a preserving agent, is low in flower essence remedies, many are now being preserved in vegetable glycerine to accommodate for those with a sensitivity to alcohol and those who enjoy a sweeter taste.

How Is The Brandon Raynor School Of Natural Therapies Flower Essences Course Different To Other Courses?

Our courses cover the history and philosophy of flower essences, Bach’s original 38 flower essences, North American flower essences that are used and recognized throughout the world, along with Australian flower essences. Familiarity with a wide range of flower remedies will enable you to treat more imbalances.


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