Raynor College specialises in teaching holistic massage courses around the world. Raynor Massage is a holistic therapy that enhances and uplifts our physical, emotional and mental states to contribute to an overall sense of well-being. Raynor practitioners are trained to view the client as a whole person and not just regard the state of their physical body. Often times mental and emotional factors, as well as physical stress, might impede a person’s state of health and can manifest as physical tension in the body.

Holistic massage class in Auckland New Zealand in 2016
Our Raynor holistic massage course in Auckland New Zealand in 2016

The key objective in Raynor Massage is to find and eliminate physical tension and allow the energy or chi to flow freely in the body. Raynor Massage utilises powerful and deep tissue massage techniques to get rid of deep seated tension combined with calming strokes that effect the neuro-muscular system and brings a sense of relaxation and peace.


Raynor Massage works on macro and micro tension held within the body, it focuses on areas that many other massage modalities do not (ie. the hands and feet and toes and fingers, as well as the abdomen). In our Raynor Holistic Massage course, you will learn how to apply techniques that provide direct benefits to the body’s muscular structure; increasing flexibility as the elasticity and the mobility of the muscles tissues are restored. Muscles that are tense can often pull bones out of place and have a detrimental effect on a person’s posture. Even simple massage strokes can stimulate the lymphatic system to help the body eliminate lactic acid and other chemical buildups that contribute to pain and discomfort in the joints. In addition, Raynor Massage emphasises the importance of deep breathing while receiving a massage. This is because deep breathing causes the blood vessels including the capillaries to dilate, which will in turn boost the circulation and help oxygenate the blood. Improving the circulatory system will also improve the supply of nutrients needed for the growth of hair, nails and skin, as well as help to relieve headaches and digestive problems.

Holistic massage course in Africa
Our Holistic massage course in Namibia in January 2017

As the massage treatment progresses, the client is able to relax more and the parasympathetic nervous system starts to take over the body’s functioning. The parasympathetic nervous system operates without our conscious control and is responsible for the general maintenance, repair and essential functions of the body.

Mental and Emotional

Raynor Massage has also been shown to contribute to the relief of several conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression. These particular conditions often arise when there is a mental, emotional and/or physical imbalance. A Raynor head massage can aid in the physical release of muscular tension in the scalp, TMJ and forehead along with any tension held in the ears and the rest of the head and neck. By massaging the head, it stimulates the lymph nodes and increases the blood supply to the head resulting in a reduction in mental stress, improved mental functioning and provides a greater sense of clarity. In our holistic massage course, you will also learn how to perform abdominal massage, which will facilitate the release of deep seated emotions that manifests as physical tension in the body. Once the body releases tension, the client can feel as if a burden has been lifted, more in tune with their self and a sense of happiness. These emotional shifts during or after a massage is due to the decrease in stress hormones such as cortisol and the increase in oxytocin, a hormone that makes a person feel good.


Raynor Massage can also re-balance a person on an energetic level through the release of tension or blockages, so that the chi or life force can flow freely throughout the body. When there is a blockage of chi, a person can feel lethargic or depleted of energy, their organs do not function at an optimal level, and their muscles can become tight. In our holistic massage course, you will learn how to identify energy channels throughout the body and how to release any tension held within them. We refer to these energy channels as Raynor Massage bands, which are similar to sen lines in Thai massage or meridians in Shiatsu, but with slight variation and with the advantage that they can physically be traced with your fingers. By aligning the body and unblocking energy channels, clients often feel peaceful and greater self awareness with an improved perspective on life.

Holistic massage course in Canada
Raynor holistic massage course in Kelowna BC, Canada in 2014

Throughout the Raynor Holistic Massage course you will learn how to effectively apply deep tissue massage techniques, whether it is using your elbow or forearm to massage connective tissue and muscles, using finger pressure for more specific areas or learning how to use massage tools for micro tension. We offer a 5 day Raynor Massage Certificate course for people wanting to learn holistic massage to be used for friends and family or for people that want a quick introduction to the fundamentals of Raynor massage or for those that would like a more comprehensive course in holistic massage we have the 10 day Raynor Massage Diploma Course. For student that really want to excel we also have an Advanced Practitioners program. Enrol now and start helping others feel and function at their best.

We have our holistic massage courses in

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