Brandon Raynor’s School of Massage and Natural Therapies offers short and intensive Raynor Massage Certificate classes in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as well as many other locations worldwide. Brandon Raynor, the founder of Raynor massage the principal of the massage school is a Canadian born but Australian trained Naturopath and massage therapist based in Australia. He has developed a very powerful style of massage called Raynor Massage which incorporates techniques from many styles of massage all with the overall idea of freeing the body up from stress and tension.

Brandon Raynor
Brandon Raynor and his daughter Elliana

Raynor Massage understands that people are  an integrated whole, comprising a body, mind and soul, rather than just the physical components of the body. Raynor Massage draws upon traditional knowledge from Ayurvedic medicine from India, Chinese Medicine, Japanese shiatsu massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, acupressure, Thai massage and Naturopathy, as well as its own unique techniques.


We are now offering an Online Raynor Massage Certificate Course. It is a comprehensive deep tissue massage course that teaches you the fundamentals of Raynor Massage. All the information covered in our Massage Certificate Course in now available in our online course where you can study at your own pace no matter where you are in Toronto or worldwide. It is a self-paced course and takes approximately 40 hours to complete all 51 modules, as well as additional time for a lot of practical revision of the techniques. Once you enroll, you will have unlimited access to the videos and written content, thus allowing you  to become more confident and competent through continual reference and practice. There is no timeline or deadlines in which you have to complete this online massage course, so it is perfect for busy people or for those who want to study at a more rapid pace. Our online massage course can be taken by itself or in combination with our hands-on massage courses that are available all throughout Canada. For more information, a free preview of course lessons, or to enroll now, please visit

Hybrid Massage Course– Online and Practical

massage school vermont
Raynor massage class in Auckland, New Zealand

We are available to teach deep tissue massage courses in Toronto, Canada on demand. We just require 6 or more people interested and we can arrange to teach our Professional Massage Certificate and Diploma Course in Crescent Town, Thorncliffe, Weston, Oakwood-Vaughan, Leaside, Scarborough or anywhere in Toronto. These are short, intensive courses that are a combination of online learning and hands on practical demonstrations and massage. These courses contain all the information you need to know to  become a successful massage therapist– from contraindications, to draping, to powerful techniques and how to perform a full body massage suit individual needs. To learn more or to enrol in our Hybrid Massage Course, please email [email protected].

5 Day Raynor Massage Certificate Course– Attendance Course

We offer our 5 Day Certificate Course that was created as an introductory massage course in Toronto for people who want to massage friends and family or who can only spare a short period of time to begin a massage career. We also offer our Diploma Course in other locations that is designed for those who want a serious career in massage but do not want to go the RMT route.  However, there are many people who decide to complete our course first then opt to get additional RMT Training or we also have many RMTs do our course to further enhance their skills and learn new techniques. Some examples of  RMTs who have done our course are Yasir SyedKatie Vanderknaap and Grace Bisbikos and Sien Tigley.

Holistic Style of Massage

Brandon Raynor Canada
Brandon Raynor during a break from teaching a massage course in Canada

By taking a holistic approach to massage, we recognize that physical pain and tension may have an emotional cause as well. In most Asian systems of medicine the life force or chi, ki, prana or sen (depending on the tradition) flows through subtle energy lines called meridians, nadis, or sen lines.  When these subtle energy channels become blocked then pain, stress, tension or organ dysfunction occurs on the energy lines. Brandon Raynor, a Naturopath with extensive oriental medical training,   has refined these modalities and created a new system called Raynor massage.  This is largely based on what he calls bands of tension, which are the physical manifestation of subtle energy channels.

We train our practitioners to track where the tension is held and to then free up the bands that are causing that area to be tight. In so doing we trace tension down to the tips of the fingers and toes, or in the head and release  the tension from its roots. You will learn this ancient wisdom which shares many similarities with how practitioners of acupuncture and acupressure understand how chi, or energy, moves through the body. To learn more about this please see the following articles written by Brandon Raynor; What is Raynor massage, and What is Chi.

How are Raynor Massage classes different?

Toronto massage classRaynor Massage courses are short and intensive to allow the trainee practitioner to learn massage quickly, effectively and cost efficiently. They are designed for mature students who cant spend two or three years in college. In our hands-on courses, you will be massaging from day one under the close supervision of one of our expert instructors who will provide individual feedback on ways to improve your technique. In addition, you will be receiving massages throughout the course and come to understand the profound impact and deep relaxation of a Raynor Massage treatment.

Raynor massage

We usually run these courses consecutively, in all other locations except Ontario,  so it is possible to take both courses one after the other, or you can take the Certificate course and gain some experience before returning to complete the Diploma course. Upon completion of both the Certificate and Diploma, you can then take our Advanced Practitioner’s Diploma Course.

Our Raynor massage courses in Toronto will also equip you with the knowledge of how to approach massage in a holistic manner. You will learn how to accurately identify physical ailments and their corresponding origins to get to the root of the problems,  in order to effectively assist the client in returning to a state of wellness.  In addition, our massage courses will teach you how to develop a heightened sense of touch and intuitive treatment to provide a powerful and deeply relaxing massage.  Raynor Massage is also effective in treating a wide range of problems including anxiety, depression, deep seated emotional disturbances, stress and can assist in healing back pain, various injuries, repetitive strain injury, pinched nerves, sciatica, muscular spasms, aches, pain, stiffness, migraines, arthritis, scoliosis, and some forms of immobility.  You can read more of this in the article What is Health.

Listen to an Introduction to Raynor Massage

The difference between RMT training and Raynor massage training

Although this course will not certify you as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) you can legally work in all of Ontario and get insured immediately. To do so, you may use terms such as massage practitioner or Raynor massage practitioner. While practicing in Ontario you can also use other titles such as Raynor massage professional, Raynor bodyworker, Raynor massage specialist, massage consultant, deep tissue bodyworker, deep tissue massage, acupressure therapist etc basically any combination of words other than those that are reserved.

In Ontario the College of Massage Therapists has reserved the use of the following terms to their own members:

  1. Massage Therapist
  2. M.T.
  3. Registered Massage Therapist
  4. R.M.T
  5. Massage Therapy
  6. Therapeutic Massage
  7. Massothérapeute
  8. Massothérapie
  9. Massage Therapeutique

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