Welcome to our Raynor Massage School in Alexandra, New Zealand. We are an international massage school founded in Australia by Naturopath Brandon Raynor. Brandon Raynor’s Massage and Natural Therapies School has been teaching Raynor massage courses in New Zealand for 20 years and internationally. To learn more about Brandon Raynor click here.

Lilly McKenzie, the new instructor for Raynor Massage levels 2 and 3 (Certificate and Diploma) in New Zealand, graduated in 2017 in Perth before establishing her massage business in Alexandra, New Zealand. Trained by Brandon Raynor, Lilly completed several courses in New Zealand and Australia. In 2022, she supported Brandon Raynor’s class and began teaching in early 2023.

For your convenience, all New Zealand courses for levels 2 and 3 will be conducted in Alexandra—a stunning location to discover and learn Raynor Massage. With Queenstown airport just an hour away, Alexandra offers easy access and all
necessary amenities within walking distance. Lilly’s own business provides ample opportunities for practical experience.

The venue, located at a hotel, is a short 5-minute walk from two supermarkets and takeaways (www.centennialcourt.co.nz). If you’re on a budget and prefer to avoid car rentals, Lilly offers a $50 per person, per way airport pick-up. Accommodation options abound, and Lilly welcomes any inquiries for guidance.

Brandon Raynor Massage YouTube site has more than 80,000 subscribers from all over the world. You are welcome to browse over 550 videos that we have on our site. You can access the main Raynor massage YouTube site here.

Our main course that we will be teaching in Alexandra will be
our Professional Raynor Massage Certificate Course, and Diploma which are a combination of our online course with our 5 or 10 days hands on seminar. For more information, you can contact Lilly: [email protected] or book a free 30 min discovery zoom call Here:

Our Online Raynor massage course is a foundation course for anyone wanting to learn Raynor massage. We have a free preview that you can take and we recommend that everyone takes this comprehensive online course in Raynor Massage before contemplating an in person course.


Please have a read of some of our past students google reviews of our massage school in Australia and in New Zealand in Brandon’s style of massage came to be known as Raynor Naturopathic Massage Therapy as it is truly a unique style of treatment that is extremely effective at getting to the roots of tension in the body and has greatly beneficial effects upon the mind and spirit too. Here is an example of Raynor Massage as practiced by the founder of Raynor Massage Naturopath Brandon Raynor.


A large part of our profits go towards our Raynor Naturopathic Gardens and Wildlife Refuge, just north of the Sunshine Coast in Australia

We also offer courses in other forms of Natural Therapies including a Wholefood Nutrition course, a Vegan Nutrition Course, Herbal Medicine course , Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, Flower essences from around the world, an Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology course and a Naturopathy course. Once you have completed our massage course, whether the Certificate or Diploma massage course in Alexandra you’ll be a qualified massage therapist. Thus, you’ll be able to get public liability and malpractice insurance.


Our Massage courses have helped many people with their career and personal lives.

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