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Raynor Massage is one of the world’s most advanced and effective styles of massage therapy and bodywork. We are offering Raynor Massage Courses in Queensland and it will be the head of the school and the founder of Raynor Massage, Naturopath Brandon Raynor, that will be teaching these courses.

We have a unique style of massage therapy that has gained worldwide recognition as one of the most effective and transformative styles of massage therapy. Please have a read about Raynor Naturopathic Massage Therapy here.

Level 1 Online Introduction to Raynor Massage Course

We also have a unique way of training people in a fast and competent manner. Our massage courses are conducted both online and hands-on. First students complete the Online Raynor Naturopathic Massage Course and then they can enrol in one of our practical, in-person courses.

The online course will teach you all the basics of the theory of Raynor Massage and how to massage friends and family using our system of massage. Despite this being an online course, you will still learn a lot of great massage techniques and how to find a get rid of deep seated muscle tension using your fingers, hands, forearms and elbows. You will also learn the contraindications to massage, proper hygiene techniques, professional codes of behaviour, and the qualities that make a good massage therapist.

Level 2 Raynor Massage Certificate Course (5 days): Unlock the Art of Healing

After completing the online course we have two more courses that are hands on in nature. The first is our 5 day Raynor Massage Certificate Course that accompanies the material learned in the Online Course.

Our Raynor Massage Certificate Course is the perfect entry point for individuals eager to dive into the world of Raynor Massage and holistic bodywork. This foundational program offers a comprehensive introduction to the art of Raynor Massage, equipping you with the essential knowledge and skills to embark on your journey as a therapist. Throughout the course, you’ll explore the principles and techniques that make Raynor Massage unique, including elements of Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, and reflexology.

Led by our experienced instructors, you’ll receive hands-on training and in-depth theoretical knowledge. This course is carefully structured to ensure that you not only understand the methods but also develop the sensitivity and intuition necessary for effective healing. Small class sizes guarantee personalized attention and ample opportunities to practice on real clients, allowing you to build confidence in your abilities. By the end of the Raynor Massage Certificate Course, you’ll not only hold a valuable certification but also possess the skills to help alleviate chronic pain, stress, and tension in your clients, making a positive impact on their well-being. Whether you’re pursuing a new career or enhancing your existing skills, this course is the gateway to a fulfilling journey of healing and transformation.

Level 3 Combined Massage Certificates Course (5 days) : Elevate your expertise to new heights

The Raynor Massage Combined Certificates Course is the pinnacle of our comprehensive training program, meticulously designed for individuals who are determined to elevate their expertise in the field of Raynor Massage and become leaders in holistic bodywork. This course builds upon the strong foundation established in our Certificate Course, taking your skills and knowledge to a whole new level. Led by our seasoned instructors, this program delves deep into the intricacies of Raynor Massage, allowing you to refine your techniques, expand your understanding of the body, and develop a profound connection with your clients.

Throughout the Raynor Massage Combined Certificates Course, you will master advanced therapeutic techniques, energy healing, and emotional release work, equipping you with the tools to address even the most complex physical and emotional issues. You will also learn about foot and hand reflexology, aromatherapy and joint adjustments. Small class sizes ensure personalized attention and foster a supportive learning environment, enabling you to cultivate your unique style as a therapist. By the end of this rigorous program, you will not only hold an internationally recognized qualification but also have the expertise to bring about profound healing transformations in the lives of your clients. If you aspire to be a trailblazer in the world of holistic bodywork and embark on a journey of continuous learning and growth, this course is your gateway to a fulfilling and impactful career.

Past Student’s Testimonials

Listen to what some of our past students have to say about the course:

Students from our November 2020 course in Gympie

Students from our Raynor Massage course in Gympie July 2020.

Please read reviews from our past students in our Google reviews for our Raynor Massage School in Australia and Google reviews for our Raynor Massage School in New Zealand as well our general Facebook reviews for the Raynor massage school worldwide. You will see why we get almost all 5 star reviews.

Get insured and start working after completing the course

Upon completion of the Certificate Course, you will be a fully qualified massage therapist, be able to get insurance, and start to earn money immediately.  Enrol now to start your brand new career. Email [email protected] for an information packet or for any questions you might have or call us on 07 3102 3987.

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