Online Raynor Massage Certificate Course

NEW Online Massage Course

Our online Raynor Massage Course is a comprehensive online massage course that teaches you the fundamentals of Raynor Massage. All the content covered in our Massage Certificate Course in now available in our online massage course where you can study at your own pace no matter where you are in the world. To go to the Enrolment page for the online course site please click here.


There are NO educational requirements or previous work experience, though a reasonable understanding of English and a desire to help others is essential.


There are two stages of qualification to obtain a Certificate of Raynor Naturopathic Massage. The online massage course is the first stage and you will obtain a Certificate of Completion in online Raynor Naturopathic Massage. If you would like your full Certificate of Raynor Naturopathic Massage then you will also need to complete either our 18 hour hands on Certificate seminar or be assessed by doing a 90 minute massage on video and having one of our course assessors evaluate your massage ( this is an additional cost of $US495).

This then qualifies you to be a Raynor Naturopathic Massage Practitioner and with that you will get a  listing on our find a practitioner page for graduates and be able to join the International Natural Therapies Association, the IICT, and local organizations like the Australian Massage Association.

Please check your local government laws to ensure that you can practice professionally in your area. Massage laws vary enormously from country to country and in the USA from state to state and sometimes from county to county.

Online Massage Course
Learning face massage is just part of what you will learn in our online massage course.


Self-paced.  The time it takes to complete this online massage certificate course will vary depending upon the pace at which you learn, how much time you dedicate to your studies and your proficiency in English.  We recommend a minimum of 40 hours of studying and training to complete the theory and practical of this course. The more you practice, the more competent and confident you will become in your skills as a massage therapist.

Start Dates

This online massage course can be started and completed at any time throughout the year.

What You’ll Need

Given this an online massage course, you will need a computer or a tablet and access to the internet.

At least one person to massage, though it is preferably to be able to practice on different body types and different personalities.

A massage table is preferable, but you can also use a dense foam mat or pad similar to this shiatsu mat or this exercise mat.

If in Australia, we recommend Firm ‘N’ Fold or Athlegen tables or from the US and other countries we recommend tables such as this one.

How to choose a good quality massage table is discussed in the course.

Course Cost

US$495. If you would like to pay the equivalent in your local currency please contact us and we may be able to help.

Course Description

A very comprehensive online massage course that teaches you all you need to know to do an excellent Raynor massage treatment. See course components section for each lesson plan.

Why Study Massage Online?

This is a great way to learn Raynor massage without ever having to leave your house and is a more affordable option for people to learn Raynor massage, especially for those people that don’t live near where we teach.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn how to give a complete Raynor massage after completing this course. You will also learn the theory side of being a professional massage therapist.

Course Components

Divided into 51 lessons, this course is a great way to learn all you need to know to get started working at a Certificate level. The course has both written content and video content. The course can be taken at your own pace and we recommend that you have at least one person to practice on, but preferably several to get a variety of body types and psychological types. This Certificate enables you to practice at home and if you want us to certify you to work professionally we have two avenues. One is to attend one of our 18 hour Certification seminars and the other is to send through a video of you performing a 90 minute massage and we can asses you at an additional cost.

Here are the 51 lessons

  • 1 Welcome to the course!
  • 2 The History of Massage Therapy and About Brandon Raynor and Raynor Naturopathic Massage Therapy
  • 3 Qualities of a Good Raynor Massage Therapist
  • 4 Professionalism
  • 5 Hygiene
  • 6 Empathy
  • 7 Pressure
  • 8 Verbal Communication
  • 9 Understanding Deep Abdominal breathing
  • 10 Rhythm and Flow
  • 11 Applying Techniques Correctly and Effectively
  • 12 Focus and Attention
  • 13 Putting a Massage Together
  • 14 Contraindications to Raynor Massage
  • 15 Taking a Case History and other forms
  • 16 The Goal of Raynor Naturopathic Massage Therapy
  • 17 Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light
  • 18 Massage Positions
  • 19 What is Residual Tension?
  • 20 The Bands of Raynor Massage
  • 21 Body Mechanics
  • 22 Diagnosis of Tension in Bands
  • 23 How Often Should a Client get a Raynor Massage?
  • 24 Release of Chi and Emotions
  • 25 Ambience
  • 26 Assisted Belly Breathing
  • 27 The Bridge of Trust
  • 28 Dual Relationship
  • 29 How to Choose a Massage Table
  • 30 Draping
  • 31 The Bands of Raynor Naturopathic Massage
  • 32 Big Toe Belly Band
  • 33 Big Toe Sacrum Band
  • 34 Delta Band of the Leg
  • 35 Upper Little Toe Band
  • 36 Bottom Little Toe Band
  • 37 Outer Little Toe Band
  • 38 Achilles band
  • 39 Inner Thumb Band
  • 40 Outer Thumb Band
  • 41 Inner Wrist Band
  • 42 Outer Wrist Band
  • 43 Upper Little Finger Band
  • 44 Outer Little Finger Band
  • 45 Bottom Little Finger band
  • 46 Raynor Naturopathic Massage Techniques to Release Tension on Bands in the Legs and Torso
  • 47 Raynor Naturopathic Massage Techniques to release Tension in the Arms and Hands
  • 48 Raynor Naturopathic Massage Face, Scalp and Head Massage
  • 49 Massage Tools
  • 50 Baby Massage
  • 51 Full Treatment

The online massage course can be taken from anywhere in the world.

How to enrol

Please go to our Online Certificate Course Enrolment Site

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