Great Experience

I went into this course without any massage background and it was a great experience. My trainer John Ryan and wife Kathie …

Broadened my mind

I just got certified in your Perth course and it was so packed full of new information that broadened my mind and even heightened my spirits …

The Ayurvedic Cookbook book review

The Ayurvedic  Cookbook  by Amadea Morningstar This is one of the best Ayurvedic cookbooks on the market. First published almost 20 years ago it has been one of my favourite books on Ayurveda due to the wholesome recipes and the basic explanations on Ayurvedic nutrition.  The Ayurvedic Cookbook provides information that allows you to diagnose … Continued

Flower Essence Repertory book review

The Flower Essence Repertory The Flower Essence Repertory, ( )published by the Californian Flower Essence society, and written by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, is the most informative book on Flower Essences that I have come across in the last 20 years. The Flower Essences Society  ( ) has a  grounded and practical way … Continued

Just Completed our First ‘Bespoke’ Massage Course

I am pleased to report that we have just completed our first ‘bespoke’ course, designed to meet the religious and / or cultural needs of a group of students. This was a small course for just two wonderful Hasidic Orthodox Jewish ladies. I ran the course Sunday – Thursday so that we were not working … Continued

Welcome to Our Naturopathic Blog

Hi and welcome to our brand new Naturopathic blog. We are very excited to start this blog that will cover a wide array of topics from massage to herbal medicine to organic farming to the appreciation of natural cycles and the myriad of life forms existing on our beautiful planet and how to live in harmony … Continued

Flower Essences

Flower essences are an amazing form of medicine developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1920’s. Dr Bach was a homeopath and bacteriologist who, after many years of treating people and seeing many forms of sickness, came to believe that all diseases must come from people’s mind, emotions and spirit and that if these weren’t … Continued

I never stop being delighted and amazed

This year I trained in Hawaii with Brandon Raynor to Advanced Level. The Raynor technique is extremely effective when working within the massage industry, and has benefited my education and understanding of how the whole body can be released and healed. I now have a wider client base, and my income has increased along with my own confidence.