We are now offering Raynor Certificate massage courses in Alice Springs on an on demand basis if you have 4 or more people wanting to take the course. Each course is 3 to 7 days in length, intensive, and hands-on. You will be fully trained in a specialized style of deep tissue massage called Raynor Massage that helps to get rid of tension and stress to balance people on a body, mind and spirit level. All of our hands on courses have a pre requisite of taking our Online Raynor Massage Course.

Massage Courses in Alice Springs
Brandon Raynor and his wife Cori Nicole

Our massage courses in Alice Springs are an intensive and fast way to get qualified as a massage therapist in Australia. We have been teaching massage courses in Australia since 1997. The courses are short but intensive and the massage style is relatively simple to learn and simple but advanced and powerful in its application. We specialize in teaching the style of massage therapy and intensive bodywork known around the world as Raynor Massage, developed by the founder of the school, internationally trained Naturopath Brandon Raynor.

Raynor massage is a unique form of deep tissue massage therapy that is designed to completely eliminate residual tension from the client’s body. It also draws upon Oriental massage styles like Shiatsu and Thai massage by working on lines or bands of tension caused by energetic blockages in the person.

Our 3 day Professional Raynor Practitioners Course will give you a strong foundation in massage and with Raynor Massage techniques. This course will enable you to get started in the massage profession, or if you just want to perform a complete body massage on your family, friends or colleagues. You will learn massage techniques to work the feet, legs, hands, arms, back, abdomen, face and head.

Our 7 day Combined Certificates Program is created for individuals who want to begin a new career in the massage industry or for health professionals currently in the industry who would like to boost their skills to include a broad range of philosophies and techniques which make Raynor massage unique and one of the world’s cutting edge massage therapies.

massage course in Alice Springs
Raynor massage course in Melbourne

You will find that this intensive method of training suits mature people who want to learn one of the world’s most effective and popular styles of massage therapy, while being able to get in and start working in the their new career in as fast and efficient manner as possible.

Unfortunately we don’t have any massage courses in Alice Springs scheduled at the moment, but we do have courses coming up in the Sunshine Coast and around the world. If you can arrange 4 or more people we would be more than happy to arrange a massage course in Alice Springs for you. A great way to get started in learning Raynor Massage is to take our Online Introduction to Raynor Massage Course.

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