Brandon Raynor’s Massage School has started to teach Raynor massage courses in Kansas. Brandon’s wife, Cori Nicole, will be teaching our 2 day seminar to accompany our online course in Kansas City, which will be held on April 16th and 17th, 2020. This will be our Professional Raynor Massage Certificate Course, which combines our online course and our 18 hour seminar. This is a great way to attend a massage school in Kansas for people who prefer advanced learning techniques and don’t have hundreds of hours to waste in a traditional massage school.

We are an international massage school based in Australia that teaches our own style of deep tissue massage called Raynor Naturopathic massage therapy.

Kansas massage class
Foot massage from Auckland, New Zealand course

We have been teaching in Australia since 1997 and have expanded worldwide since 2002. We have been teaching in Canada  the united Kingdom and Ireland since 2003 and we also regularly hold courses in New Zealand, as well as all over Australia. We are very excited to have this opportunity to share our massage courses with the people of Kansas and the mainland US. Although our style of massage is one of the most innovative and powerful in the world our courses are suitable for beginners to massage, as well as existing massage therapists that would like to learn a cutting edge massage style that will set them apart from their colleagues.

Massage Courses Kansas
Raynor massage class in Vancouver, Canada

Please read reviews from our past students in our Google reviews for our Raynor Massage School in Australia and Google reviews for our Raynor massage school in New Zealand, Google reviews for our UK courses as well our general Facebook reviews for the Raynor massage school worldwide. More than 40% of our profits go towards establishing a Naturopathic Garden and Wildlife Reserve in The Palms, Queensland, Australia.

Here is a video about Brandon Raynor and the Raynor Massage and Natural Therapies School.


Brandon Raynor is a famous massage therapist and Naturopathic physician in Australia. He started studying massage in 1991 and holds 5 Diplomas in the healing arts. To read more about Brandon Raynor please click here 

massage school Kansas
Raynor massage course in Windhoek, Namibia, Africa

We have a very large youtube site with more than 40,000 subscribers and many have been asking for us to come and teach in the US for several years so we have now decided to offer this course in Kansas due to the limited bureaucracy involved with being a massage therapist in Kansas. We believe that the massage industry does not need to be regulated according to the number of hours a person sits in the classroom. Quality and quantity are not the same and our students are able to work in many environments all over the world and become excellent massage therapists after completing our intensive courses.

Most of the world such as Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Singapore, and other developed nations have not seen the need to regulate the massage profession other than to protect customers from people posing as practitioners who use the profession for sleazy motives. All of this can be protected as it is in Australia and US states such as Minnesota by other legislation that does not restrict creativity and ingenuity in the massage therapy or massage training industry. I am very glad that Kansas has resisted the pressure to regulate its massage industry and we are happy to be able to offer our massage courses in Kansas City.

Raynor massage school Kansas
Raynor massage class in San Francisco

After completing our course our students can go on to practice in most parts of Kansas and get fully insured and set up their own businesses or if they are existing Licenced Massage Therapists from other states they can get upskilled in one of the world’s most cutting edge styles of massage therapy.

Our Professional Raynor Massage Certificate Course costs $1595.



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Our Massage courses have helped many people with their career and personal lives.

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