We hold massage courses in Australian cities throughout the year. Read more about our courses in each location by selecting a city below. We also hold Raynor massage course all over the world. Please see our Worldwide Raynor Massage Course Calendar for more details.

Learn About Raynor Massage

Our 5 day Raynor Massage Certificate Course  is an intensive combination of deep tissue massage, remedial massage, acupressure, Swedish and therapeutic massage plus a lot of our own techniques. The Raynor Massage Diploma Course also includes an introduction to aromatherapy and an introduction to foot and hand reflexology. Brandon Raynor, the founder of the school, personally teaches all of his Advanced Massage Diploma Course.

Students completing our massage courses in Australia are able to practice afterwards, set up their own business or work as they see fit. They will also be able to obtain full comprehensive medical malpractice insurance after completion of the course. If you’d like to learn more, watch the video below.

A Brief History

We first started offering massage courses in Sydney, Australia in Bondi Junction in 1997. At that stage, our courses were for 8 weeks on Saturday mornings at the Bondi Pavilion. In 2000, we started teaching massage courses in Brisbane, in the newly opened Paddington House of Natural Therapies. These courses were very successful as people were ready for a massage course that was practical, hands on and without all the filler subjects that a lot of the other massage schools had to offer.

By 2001 we started to offer our massage courses in Murwillumbah and the Gold Coast and then later on we expanded to offer our massage courses in Melbourne. These were originally held at the Firm n Fold Massage Table Factory in Collingwood and later at the Melbourne Rowing Club and the Northcote Town Hall. Our massage courses are now taught from North Melbourne.

We also held massage courses in Darwin, Perth and Adelaide in 2001, and in 2002 we held our first massage course in Hobart Tasmania. Our massage courses are now taught all around Australia, and we have further expanded into 11 different countries, including Canada, the UK, the United States, Ireland and New Zealand.

Learning massage in Australia

Our Upcoming Massage Courses

Raynor Massage Certificate Course

5 Days

Our 5 day Raynor Massage Certificate Course teaches students all the basics of Raynor massage. No previous experience is necessary to take this course, so it is a great place for beginners to start. This short massage course is highly recommended for people wanting to massage friends and family, although it will also qualify you to start practicing as a therapist.

Prerequisite Requirements

Scheduled Courses

2020-05-11Gympie, AustraliaBrandon RaynorView Details

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Raynor Massage Diploma Course

10 Days

Our 10 day Raynor Massage Diploma Course includes the 5 day Raynor Massage Certificate Course. Our students begin by learning how to give a therapeutic massage over the first 5 days, we then build on this foundation by teaching more advanced techniques and knowledge. From joint mobilisation techniques to reflexology and aromatherapy, this course gives you everything you need to massage effectively. We recommend this course to prospective students who would like to practice as professional massage therapists.

Prerequisite Requirements

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Raynor Advanced Practitioner's Diploma Course

5 Days

Our 5 day Raynor Advanced Practitioners Diploma Course covers the additional aspects of Raynor massage which make it into an art form. Our students will shift their focus to emotional release work, enhancing your rhythm and flow as a therapist, massage strategy and diagnosis. This class is only open to graduates of the Raynor Massage Diploma Course.

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Our Massage courses have helped many people with their career and personal lives.

Dionnise Dangler Avatar

positive review  Brandon Raynor has developed the most advanced therapeutic massage techniques I have ever felt and seen around the whole world, I was in a near fatal truck accident and was blessed to receive this amazing schooling and therapy 7 years... read more

Dionnise Dangler 08 Nov 2018
Pamela Hemopo Avatar

What an absolute pleasure to train as a massage therapist at a facility with such a high level of professionalism.From day one through to graduation.What a delight to learn from staff and students that celebrate life,put hearts in front of... read more

Pamela Hemopo 24 Oct 2018
The Holistic Massage House Avatar

If you're looking for a one stop shop for massage and actually want a career of helping people, not just giving them temporary relief, look no further!!! Do not waste 12 months of your life learning a routine massage. If... read more

The Holistic Massage House 10 Oct 2018
Mati Cohen Avatar

Just finished the diploma course after two weeks.
I had a beautiful and great environment of study and inriching between the student and the brandon.
A great transformation and understanding about human body by the simplicity of life.
Practical studing and...
read more

Mati Cohen 16 May 2018
Scott Riethmaier Avatar

I have had on going neck, stomach and anxiety issues throughout my life resulting in over 20 years of different treatments. I was drawn to Raynor massage due to its holistic approach and incorporation of eastern practices.

On the first...
read more

Scott Riethmaier 30 Dec 2017
Amanda Curtis Avatar

I have just completed the Raynor Massage course in Sydney and can't recommend it highly enough! I didn't have any experience in massage beforehand, and found the course easy to follow and the techniques super effective! Brandon's endless knowledge and... read more

Amanda Curtis 10 Oct 2018
sky rudd Avatar

I had heard this was one of the best massage schools years ago and finally got the free time to take the course in Sydney recently. Absolutely phenomenal, worth every penny. After the course I now feel confident to go... read more

sky rudd 26 Jan 2018
Beck Wilson Avatar

positive review  absolutely loved the course and am changing lives using these modalities every single day

Beck Wilson 14 Nov 2019
Jai Stone Avatar

positive review  I've just finished the diploma massage course. I've previously done another massage course and I can say Brandon's course surpasses the other course I did. Completely loved this course, defiantly recommend if you want to become a health practitioner and... read more

Jai Stone 01 Dec 2018
Danielle Taylor Avatar

I have just completed the Certificate and Diploma courses held in Gympie. The two weeks spent learning Raynor Massage have been life changing for me!! Not only did I learn amazing skills to help people with releasing of tension,... read more

Danielle Taylor 04 Mar 2018

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