Raynor Massage is now available to learn in an online massage course. You can learn the highest quality of massage in the world with our online massage course at Raynor Massage and Natural Therapies College.

Raynor massage is a form of massage therapy developed over the last 30 years by Naturopath Brandon Raynor and his many teachers and students who have all striven to find massage techniques that will free the body of tension and stress in the fastest and most effective way. we have been teaching intensive massage courses all over the world since 1997, and have now launched our online massage course to teach you all that we have learned from our many years of combined experience.

This course consists of 50 lessons, ranging from hygiene, professionalism to how to find tension and using massage tools to do deep tissue massage. After completing the course you can practice on friend and family or go on to practice professionally by taking one of our in person courses. This can be done by taking our Raynor Massage Professional Course or our 7 day Combined Certificates Course.

Our online massage course is available worldwide.

For more information see www.raynoronlinecollege.com