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Raynor Massage is almost unique in the variety of massage available. We emphasise not just on working on tight muscles or an area that is painful but on addressing the underlying causes of that tension. Raynor Massage takes some of its inspirations from traditional massage and healing arts around the world with Brandon Raynor, the massage’s founder, spending many years studying and drawing upon this knowledge, adding in many of his own techniques and understandings to develop this unique and powerful form of massage. Raynor Massage does not just focus on where a problem is, for example a client reporting headaches, a stiff neck or stress but on finding and eliminating the source of the problem as it is stored in the body. You can read more about the philosophy behind Raynor massage here by reading some of the articles written by Brandon to learn about:

Tension in the body is not always simply physical tension, within Raynor Massage we understand that the emotional and the physical are intricately and inextricably connected. Emotional stress will impact on the physical body, eventually leading to illness and blockages in the physical body. Raynor Massage offers a holistic treatment, treating the whole body, working on both muscles but the subtle energy systems that run though the body.

Our 5 day introductory Certificate is ideal for massaging friends and family or for getting started in a massage career, our 10 day professional Diploma, wsanfranclassjune2004hich also incorporates the 5 day Certificate is for those who are serious about a career in massage. Our Advanced Diploma is only available to students who already have already taken our Diploma and who ideally also have experience in using the massage, although it is possible to study all three courses as a block. The Advanced course is taught by the head of the School, Brandon Raynor with courses running across the world.

Qualifying in Raynor Massage is only through this school; the course is not available as a massage course through your local college, by correspondence or through any other retreat or massage school. All of our teachers are selected and personally trained by Brandon Raynor to ensure that the quality of teaching is excellent and all continue to work with him on an ongoing basis. It is possible to split your study across the world, for example taking your Certificate course in Australia, your Diploma course in London and your Advanced Diploma in Hawaii. Discounts are also available if you book to study all three courses at the same time, even if you split when and where you study the courses. Please use our Contact Us form for more details or to discuss your individual needs.

On our massage courses you will learn much more than most massage courses, even ones that are years longer than ours. We do not concentrate on just the main muscle groups, instead we teach you to massage areas like the stomach, ribcage, feet, hands, head, sacrum and energy points and pathways (similar to the meridians) of the body. We work with you to help you develop your sense of touch and to trust your intuition, working with the client’s breathing pattern to unlock deep seated stress and blocked energy. There is no set routine in Raynor Massage, each treatment is tailored to the clients individual needs. For more information, a free information kit, or to make any inquiries please contact us.

Please see our page Massage Courses in Namibia for more details of our courses coming up in Namibia.