What are the requirements to join one of your massage courses?

There are no specific academic requirements for you to be able to join one of our courses. We have students as young as 16 and as old as 75. What we do ask is that you are open to learning and taking instruction, have a caring nature and a willingness to help people. A good … Continued

Is there work available for massage practitioners?

The massage industry is a huge one and there is still great demand for high quality massage practitioners. The type of massage we teach sets you apart from most other massage therapists. Raynor Massage is so effective in treating chronic problems and injuries from their source.

What happens if I fail the practical assessment?

If you do not meet the standards required to be a Raynor Practitioner then you will be invited to re-attend the course at a later date. The exception to this is if you are asked to leave the course due to a breach of our professional code of conduct when you will be deemed to … Continued

If I am not a quick learner will I be able to retain all the information presented?

We provide comprehensive course notes and a course dvd to refresh your knowledge and the course provides ample time for revision and lots of practice. We also have an active facebook group where practitioners can post questions for discussion and we are also contactable by email if you get stuck after completing your course.

What are the extra costs associated with your courses?

There are no other costs associated with the course, course notes are included in the cost of the course. We do have high quality massage tables, charts, videos and books for sale at the course which are purely optional extras for students to purchase if they wish.

Can I legally work as a massage therapist after completing this course?

Massage laws vary enormously around the world and are in a constant state of change. Our massage courses qualify you to work legally and to get professional insurance in all of the countries (and in the case of the US, the States) that we teach in. There are restrictions on what you can call yourself … Continued

What is the difference between the 5 and 10 day programs?

The 5 day Certificate Course is a comprehensive course that will allow you to begin to practice professionally on completion of the course, but the 10 day combined Certificate and Diploma course involves much practical experience as well as exploring the use of aromatherapy and reflexology within Raynor Massage.