How can I learn to be a professional massage practitioner in 5 or 10 days when most other schools require at least 6 months or even 3 years?

Our courses focus on the essence of what it takes to be an excellent massage therapist, teaching you what in our experience you need to give a thorough, safe and effective treatment. Many colleges have a heavy emphasis on rote learning Latin anatomical terms, we believe that practitioners should speak to clients in a way that the client understands. By focusing on the core of massage we are able to save our students’ time and money. From day one of the course you will be massaging and practicing the full techniques of Raynor Massage.

I’ve learnt more in 4 days than I did in a 10 week course I previously did plus I’m confident that I can perform on any client.

Amanda (Zeno) Jardine

I learnt more about how the body responds to massage with practical teaching in 4 days than in 2 years at TAFE

Rachael Boyd