Raynor massage courses are held in Asia, particularly:

We offer courses in Singapore and other parts of Asia from time to time. If you know a group of people who want to train then we will also arrange to run a course once we have a guaranteed class of six students. This allows flexibility in both our course planning and responds to the demands and needs of those wanting to train. If you are interested in hosting a course or would like to be involved in organising a course in your country, please use the Contact Us form to speak to our International Manager. We have a small team of international trainers and will do our best to arrange for one of us to travel to teach.

Raynor Massage is a very power massage style which also draws of thousands of years of knowledge from acupressure, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, Thai massage and Shiatsu and these are combined with techniques developed by Naturopath Brandon Raynor. For more information about the philosophy behind Raynor Massage please see the articles what is Raynor massage, What is Chi and the Body as Elements by Brandon Raynor.

The goal of Raynor Massage is to totally find and eliminate all residual muscular tension, the causes of many problems in the body, as well as to stimulate and balance the flow of chi or life force through the body’s energy pathways.

Massage teacher Craig having some fun

Most people, after having a Raynor massage, will say that it was the best massage they have ever had. Our massage courses are intensive, practical and fun. They can be a very healing experience for the student at the same time as allowing them to learn a powerful new skill. We have a 5 day Introductory Certificate and also offer a 10 day combined Certificate and Diploma course for those who specifically want to work in the massage industry.

For more information, a free information kit, or to make any enquiries about holding a course in your country, please contact us.

Student learning massage techniques