Brandon Raynor Naturopath, Massage Therapist and Teacher

 Brandon Raynor - Massage and Naturopathy Teacher

Brandon Raynor has a Diploma of Naturopathy, Diploma of Remedial Massage, Diploma of Shiatsu, Diploma of Chinese Herbs, Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine, and is the President of the International Natural Therapists Association (I.N.T.A.). Brandon Raynor is the founder and principal of Brandon Raynor’s College of Massage and Natural Therapies. Brandon Raynor teaches his powerful form of massage called “Raynor Naturopathic Massage” globally with his caring and committed team.

Brandon Raynor has been treating clients through massage and naturopathy since he qualified in 1991. He has also done extensive studies into meditation, martial arts and nutrition and has been vegetarian since 1987.

Raynor Naturopathic Massage is a reflection of his studies of different massage styles and holistic healing methods during his extensive travels around the world. By travelling the world and experiencing massage styles wherever he went, and with the help of his other studies in natural medicine, he has developed a very effective, powerful and holistic method of massage therapy which has come to be known as Raynor massage. He has been teaching Raynor massage in various forms since 1997 and has now taught over 300 courses worldwide. He is a very experienced teacher as well as an extremely powerful and effective therapist. He is married with two children.

Student Testimonials about Brandon Raynor and his massage

How wonderful that massage was that you gave me in the course and how much it has changed my life.

As I mentioned, since my lung collapsing and being off the pill, my cycles were around 54 days long without ovulating. I had tried all kinds of herbs but after the massage, my next cycle was exactly 28 days with ovulating and, as a result, guess what…. I’m pregnant! An absolutely wonderful surprise and byproduct of an amazing therapy. I’m 13 weeks currently and have been really well, happy and healthy since the massage.

I just thought you should know how amazing the therapy actually is and what incredible things it can change not

only mentally but physically and biologically as well. So a BIG thank you for your amazing gift of healing.

Todd and I are both so grateful and happy for all of your invaluable help.

Hope you have a great day.

K xoxoxo

I have just completed the Advanced Raynor Massage course in London taught by Mr Brandon Raynor himself. I had previously completed both the Certificate and then Diploma courses taught by the amazing Karen French also in London.

Brandon I’m trying to find the right words to express how much your therapy and teachings have changed my life but to be honest I’m struggling to find words that are adequate. Maybe it’s best if I tell a little about myself, my story and my own personal journey with Raynor Massage.

So starting from the beginning my name is Dave Taylor and I was born in Paisley, Scotland but now live near Sutton, London. After finishing my education, I decided to indulge my passion for travel. What an adventure that was! I started off working in the entertainment business in South Wales, then on ships cruising around the Mediterranean, with stops in Menorca, Malta and Tenerife before exploring South America.

It was whilst I was working in Spain that I was involved in a serious car accident where the whiplash I suffered caused me to have debilitating neck and back injuries. Conventional doctors helped, but I was still left in near constant pain. It was this pain and my reluctance to be dependent on medication that drove me to seek alternative treatment and how I first encountered the life changing benefits of massage. I was still travelling and went on a mission to find new practitioners in the different countries I stayed in some were great others just seemed inneffectual and left me feeling frustrated. However, one therapist I encountered in Greece made such an impact on me that I decided to enrol on his massage course. Learning this new skill was such an enriching experience and it was driven by the realization that I could help others also to be relieved of pain and tension. The various treatments I had experienced across the world made a massive improvement to my condition but the dreaded pain would always eventually return to some degree.

I then discovered Raynor Massage, (some would say by chance, I believe in fate though) it works at a deep level, getting to the root of the problem and releasing the tension. After a course of treatments I not only found my neck, back and shoulders to finally be free of pain but I was now calmer and yet more energised.

It was clear to me that this really was a style of massage unlike any I had experienced before and I was determined to learn this particular technique for myself. The courses were intense but immensely rewarding. Doing the advanced course with Brandon Raynor was a truly amazing experience and I am so proud to be one of just a few advanced Raynor Massage therapists working in London and the only one in Sutton.

So how has Raynor Massage changed my life? Well, I am now pain free! and I have not popped any kind of pain relief medication for my neck pain for over a year! Having regular Raynor Massage has left me feeling so much more relaxed and well. The better I feel health-wise the better I feel about myself and I am now listening to my body and feeding it good food and cutting down (but not out) on the booze and bad stuff! I have also made some amazing new friends. People I met on the Raynor maasage courses have remained good friends to this day. But maybe best of all, it has given me a new career. I am now established as an Advanced Raynor Massage Therapist, working from a private Health Centre in Sutton, London sharing this wonderful therapy and treating real people with real problems every single day. Of course the financial reward is nice, but the reward in making people feel better is simply priceless.

Erm, for somebody who was struggling to find words, I think I have probably said enough now! So Brandon, let me finish with this final, single word. Thanks

Dave Taylor

Quite an amazing course. I had no idea massage could provide the results the Raynor Technique does. From being exposed to a full on session from Brandon- mainly on me, the potential is amazing and a little scary. However having found my own style and technique and having completed treating a number of patients I am delighted. This is a life changing treatment. Last night I treated my friends 15 year old daughter with just a foot massage as she had sore legs. He told me there was no way I would even be able to touch her feet. Job done, pain gone and she was amazed.

What really surprised him was the fact that I diagnosed that she had problems in her belly from her back muscles, and this was replicated in her feet. Feet rubbed, belly went strange on her, next day she was great.

This is a very powerful treatment combination unlike any other I have experienced, and I have been massaged in 15 different countries and styles now.

If you want to help change people’s lives learn the technique. It works.

Mike Francis çompleted Raynor massage course in Auckland

It was a pleasure to meet and watch Brandon Raynor demonstrating his creation. I do recommend to anyone who like to develop “Brandon Raynor Style Massage” to sign on the advance course. Since the course,I notice a huge progress in my skill. Looking forward to meet Brandon Raynor again to absorb is knowledge, the man is a Master in Body relaxation.
After receiving a demonstration massage from Brandon Raynor, I now truly understand the meaning of relax.

Thank you for 5 great days with the Grand Master.

Jean Yvon Bouvet, London Advanced Massage Course

Outstanding Course!!!! Brandon is one of the most engaging and inspiring teachers of the world today.

Shaun Melville Perth

It was an AMAZING experience for me to do the certificate and Diploma course. I must say, what a privilege to have Brandon as our Instructor. Your style of teaching and approach is very holistic. It’s very practical from the very first day. I’ve learned so much for first day of the course that I was really excited to practice the massage in the weekend. Brandon I salute you, you rock!!! I would really recommend this kind of training.

I’m really looking forward to do the advance diploma in the future. Brandon you are a blessing to all of us in the course.

Alberto (Robert),

Prior to attending Brandon Raynor’s Course I had been currently studying through a massage college by distance education. Most of the learning has been done out of textbooks and dvds.

I decided to do Brandon Raynor’s Massage Course reason being it was practical hands on experience, during the 5 days I gained experience that I have not been able to develop by studying massage over the past 1.5 years by distance learning.

Brandon Raynor Massage Course is very involved but something that you can take home with you and not forget. I believe I have the confidence to give a massage to complete strangers.

The main key is to find tension in someone and eliminate it, I know what the key responsibilities of a massage is now. Follow this technique and the person will benefit :)

If you are thinking about doing a practical course on massage, no hesitations in recommending this course.

And if your lucky enough to have Brandon Raynor himself conducting the course – you will learn a great deal.

Leann Dunn Gold Coast,

I was very impressed with this hands-on course. Having very little time and patience for studying, this was ideal for me. I have already started practising and have had great results.

Thank you Brandon!

Jillian Chateau Gold Coast

I knew touch was powerful but I didn’t realise to the extent of how powerful and healing a good massage could be, my body and mind are truely grateful for the experience! Brandon Raynor is a very caring, compassionate, empathetic and humorous person as well as another teacher, Rama Doyle he was training up also. All these qualities come across in his/there teaching style which made it easy to learn what you’re being taught and made you feel comfortable in your environment at the same time. I would heartily recommend this course to all whether  you are just wanting to learn a great massage technique in the 5day course or you’re wanting to do the 10day diploma course and entry the work force, it is well worth it. Thank you for a wonderful and satisfying experience.

Stephen Baker, Christchurch.

Really enjoyed the course. So pleased I choose to do this course instead of any other massage course. I decided to do massage because I wanted to help people. The approach to massage that Brandon takes – treating the whole person physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally resonates well with me. One of the most important things I learnt was to be present in a massage. Many thanks.

Vicky Cooke Auckland

The Advanced Diploma course with Brandon changed the way I approach giving a massage treatment and took my bodywork to a new level.I now have a much deeper understanding of not just how to give a massage, but how to give a massage catered specifically to an individual. Every person has different bodies and emotional states and thus has different needs and thus requires a different strategy when being treated. This is the most valuable lesson I learnt during this course and I’m so grateful I did because I am now achieving incredible results in my bodywork.

Luke Siu, Advanced Melbourne,