An unbelievable life changing experience. It was amazing to experience chi moving through people's body and seeing emotions coming out.

~ Justin Thomas, Completed Massage Course, Sydney

Short Massage Courses & Training Worldwide

We are an international leader in the field of massage therapy training and have been providers of high quality deep tissue massage courses for over 16 years.

Raynor Massage is one of the world’s most effective and sought after styles of massage therapy. We hold our Raynor massage courses worldwide in locations such as London, Dublin, Northern England, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast of Australia, Auckland, Christchurch, Singapore, Cape Town, Vancouver,  Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton , Toronto and Hawaii.


We train people to become artists in the field of massage therapy rather “assembly line” massage therapists.

There is no routine massage treatment in Raynor massage as we will teach you how to tailor the massage  to address the specific needs of the individual client in order to achieve better  health results.

Introductory talk by Brandon Raynor explaining the philosophy and methods of Raynor Massage Therapy.

Our massage training allows you to:

  • Choose from many locations worldwide  in which to complete your training.
  • Practice professionally after our 2 to 3 week intensive training program
  • Massage with great confidence on completion of our practical, hands on training
  • Develop your ability to intuitively connect to your client’s energetic system
  • Accelerate your own healing journey by receiving our massage during your course
  • Attract many clients quickly with our international online promotion
  • Develop a strong client base with excellent repeat business by servicing a broad range of health needs

Brandon Raynor’s School of Massage and Natural Therapies teaches a massage style developed by Brandon Raynor which draws on a holistic blend of worldwide massage techniques and philosophies. Brandon also learned about the Eastern medical principles of the connection between the mind, the body and the spirit. To understand our massage style better please read these articles, What is Chi and the Body as Elements and What is Raynor massage.

I had been looking for emotional release and I got it! Great for achieving freedom from conditioning and emotional blockages.Brandon knows what he is doing and how to express his knowledge.
Tommy Clemmit

Incredible knowledge. Feel very fortunate we can tap into such experience.
I really enjoyed the way we were given the foundations of the Raynor technique in the first week then spent second week exploring and using skills and relating them and incorporating with other modalities eg aromatherapy and reflexology.  The course was Enlightening!!!!
Wish I had found it years ago. Great technique that makes so much sense.
Thank you so very much. Hard to put into words how much this course has given me
Dallas Price Registered Nurse

Very informative and lots of practical work which is what i was after. Straight to the point.   Jane McAuliffe RN

Our massage school has rapidly grown and expanded since 1999 from its humble origins as a small massage school in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia, to its position now as one of the world’s leading international massage & natural therapies schools. Currently there is an increasing demand for Raynor massage practitioners as more people recognize the importance of preventative health and alternative medicine. Raynor massage courses provide an intensive and high quality massage training that will ensure a deeper sense of health and transformation for you and your future clients.

Raynor massage has the goal of finding every tight muscle in the body and loosening it, and with that, unblocking the flow of chi throughout the body.  It utilizes massage and natural healing techniques from across the world to achieve better health.

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More About Raynor Massage


How clients benefit from a deep and intensive Raynor Massage:

  • be free of chronic pain from conditions that may have been long-standing
  • return the body to a place of relaxation and alignment
  • clear deeply held emotional tension which if left untreated can lead to disease and malfunction
  • increase their mobility, agility and athletic performance
  • reconnect their body, mind and spirit for deep and long lasting transformation


Hello Brandon,  
This is feedback from a client who had received a Raynor Massage from one of our practitioners:

I just had to write you and thank you. Thank you in the biggest way possible, that perhaps words cannot express in the manner that I wish. Thank you for developing a massage that embodies all practices and in such an intuitive method. I have just met a local angel who gives massages as trained by you (and Terry).

To back up, I am a yoga instructor. I have been trained through the Yoga Association of Alberta, but moreover, trained by some amazing talented yogis who see yoga moving more into the emotional heart space of dissolving the tensions in the body through “breakthroughs”, and pushing past the barriers and releasing blockages (emotional, physical, psychological) through yoga. I had been told about Clare for a while in yoga, having a few students say: You have to meet Clare and have her do bodywork on you.

I’ve been to alot of bodywork workshops and had alot of bodywork done on me in the past 14 years. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis after my daughter was born, and have been on a healing journey ever since. I’ve lost most flexion in my wrists and a tiny erosion in my right arm is blocking some movement in my elbow. Otherwise, a good remission for the past 6 or so years.

No one has reached the depth of release in my body than Clare with your Raynor Method. All bodyworkers are scared to go deep
 in my body because of the RA. And it is what I needed!!!! I have only had 2 – 3 hour treatments with Clare, and it is so amazing, so compatible and familiar (like yoga) and what I’ve discovered is too much to write here. I discover things about my old soul in this earthbound body frequently in meditation or on the mat, but Clare gets me there in succinct fashion as well.

Its amazing, thank you. And If I thought my hands were strong enough, I might take the training too!!! It is profound, and I’ve spent thousands on bodywork over the years, and you, your method is what the world needs. Unconfined, from the intuitive trained wise heart, amazing!

I hope I get the chance to hug you in person someday.
Journey forward, there is so much light support for you.
Be well, take gentle care.

The goal of a good massage is to find any chronic muscle tension, which exists even when the person is relaxed, and to get rid of it. In Eastern styles of massage there is also a central goal to develop sensitivity to the flow of the chi, or life force, through the body and to open up the various channels through which it flows and remove any blockages. Raynor massage combines these two goals offering a holistic and highly effective treatment.

Along with the development of its own unique techniques, Raynor Massage adapted techniques from many styles of massage, including; therapeutic and remedial massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, Shiatsu massage, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage), Tui Na, Acupressure, Thai and Swedish massage and then integrated the most effective parts of these treatments. In this way, we have developed a very powerful and focused style of both massage and teaching.

Massage Therapy Training Course

Brandon Raynor’s School of Natural Therapies

Our Courses

Raynor Massage Certificate Course

5 full days of intensive "hands-on" massage training

We run 5 day workshops in Raynor Massage in more than 20 locations worldwide. The massage courses run from 9 am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. Our 5 day Massage Certificate Course teaches the basic essence of Raynor massage including all the major parts of the body including the abdominal area. We are massaging from Day 1 of the course and very little time is spent in a non practical way after the 3 hour introductory talk that covers contraindications, hygiene, professional ethics and other aspects of theory associated with Raynor massage. The rest of the massage course is spent either massaging, being massaged or watching the teacher demonstration and talk through a Raynor bodywork treatment. Many people can't believe how good they feel just from receiving the massage aspect of this massage certificate course especially if they have volunteered for a demonstration treatment from one of our teachers.

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Raynor Massage Diploma Course

5 days of the Raynor Massage Diploma program

Following the 5 day of the Massage Certificate course program the Raynor Massage Diploma Course teaches you more advanced aspects of the bodywork including more practice at the techniques, reflexology of the feet and the hands, an introduction to aromatherapy, which is the use of 100% pure essential oils in your massage. The massage course culminates in a student clinic where members of the public are invited to attend and receive a session from one of the students. Our student clinic, on the last day of our massage diploma course, is also an opportunity for people who are interested in attending one of our courses to attend and receive a $20 massage so that potential students can judge for themselves whether this sort of training is right for them. If you would like to book into one of our student clinics please contact us. The Massage Diploma Course or Advanced practitioners program is the recommended course for people who would like to enter the massage profession as a career.

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Advanced Raynor Massage Diploma Course

Advanced training for experienced graduates of the Raynor Massage Certificate course

Our Advanced Practitioners program course is being taught by the principal of the school Brandon Raynor, on fine tuning techniques and also on developing effective strategies to massaging people and focusing on the chi release and emotional release aspects of the massage. These 5 day intensive massage courses for Raynor Massage Practitioners are only taught by the founder of Raynor massage and focus on developing the practitioner’s ability as a refined massotherapy artist in finding and removing tension from the body. During this course participants are also often able to receive treatments from Brandon Raynor and so experience first hand the benefits of Raynor bodywork from its founder. These courses are held on a regular basis – please see the course timetable for further details.

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