When it comes to improving your family’s health, many people automatically think to incorporate more whole foods into their meals, getting more rest, taking a break from social media and increasing their activity levels. Very rarely do people tend to think about how to destress and get rid of chronic tension in their body (with the exception being yoga). Yet, years of residual tension can lead to muscle tightness, injuries, fatigue, immobility, aches and pains, and a host of other ailments along with an overall decrease in the quality of your life.


The easiest way to reduce built up tension in the body is through regular massage.  However, the cost of routine visits to a massage therapist can add up quickly, especially if the whole family partakes (because after all even kids get stress and tension and will benefit greatly from massage). Whereas, you can learn Raynor Massage Online as a family and massage each other. Learning massage together will be a great way to strengthen family ties, be fun, can be a great alternative to traditional date nights, save money and, of course, help to improve the overall health of your family. By involving your children in the learning process, they will also develop a lifelong skill to help their loved ones or eventually lead to a healing career.




Some of our students have even learned Raynor Massage as a family or as couples and turned it into a successful family business, whereby they get insured and set up their own massage clinic. We do recommend if you are planning to have a massage career that you also enrol in our hands-on massage courses at any of our various locations around the world (Australia, England, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Mexico, and more) to help solidify your learning. At the moment we only offer our more advanced level massage courses in person.


Our online massage course is designed to so that you can learn at your own pace, at your own place. Once enrolled, you will have unlimited access to all of the written and video content so that you can stop and replay until you have mastered a massage technique. You will also have an opportunity to join our worldwide Raynor Practitioner Graduate community, have instructor support and access to optional Zoom meetings for Q&As. Our online massage course is concise and thorough and is perfect for someone with little to no previous massage experience, in that it covers topics from contraindications to communication with clients to how to massage the full body.


Because Raynor Massage and Bodywork is its own modality, it is also great for existing massage therapist wanting to improve their skills, gain new clients with increased effectiveness, and keep their existing clients coming back. We are pleased to announce that our online massage course satisfies that requirements for 19 CEU units for existing massage therapists in the USA and 20 CEUs for massage therapists in Australia.

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