Sports massage course
Students in New Zealand learning Raynor massage

Raynor massage is one of the most effective forms of sports massage available anywhere in the world. Our Raynor massage courses are more effective than a traditional sports massage course in helping people perform better in their particular sport. With any form of massage therapy one needs to look at what is the goal or objective of that therapy. Raynor massage has the goal of finding and eliminating any residual tension that exists in the musculature, tendons and soft tissue of the body. First of all in our course we look at how to find this residual tension and then we look at how that tension was caused and then how to get rid of it. For example a persons back may be tight but that tightness is coming from the feet and the legs.

Sports massage course
Students in Namibia learning Raynor massage

The goal of a good sports massage course is to teach the students how to make the athletes body perform at an optimal ability. Having no residual tension in the body is what’s going to make the body become more flexible, less likely to injure, have improved circulation of blood and lymph to the muscles, increase the performance of the nervous system and improve the overall performance of the body.

Raynor massage is a very deep tissue form of massage therapy. Many athletes like having a deep massage rather than a superficial massage because they want to get rid of the deep knots and aches and pains in their muscles. In teaching Raynor massage we also cover all the aspects of a sports massage course such as using liniments for aches and pains and using herbally medicated oils to help loosen muscles and improve circulation.

The great thing about Raynor massage, unlike a lot of other sports massage courses, is that it can be learned in our short intensive courses in many locations through out the world. In our 5 day Certificate Course we teach all the basics information about Raynor massage and this can be a great course for people that cant take off much time to study. Our 10 day Diploma Course is for students that are more serious about becoming a good practitioner.

Sports massage training
Brandon Raynor teaching Raynor massage in BC, Canada

Our massage courses are held in a variety of locations throughout the world such as

  • Canada – Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal
  • Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Gympie
  • New Zealand – Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
  • UK – London, Edinburgh, and Devon
  • Africa – Namibia

To find a course near you please visit our Worldwide Course Calendar

Please feel free to read facebook reviews of our course from past students including from Katie Duncan, who played soccer for New Zealand in the Olympics.

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