My journey as a wellness practitioner started when I became a mother at a young age. I have 2 beautiful grown daughters who had health issues right from birth; my oldest being born with Cerebral Palsy. I wanted and needed answers. My desire to seek natural remedies instead of harsh medications, lead me to many different practitioners who introduced me to a world of amazing experiences.

I journeyed down a path of self healing and self discovery. While on that path, I fell in love with Raynor Massage in June of 2012, after receiving a 2 hour session from Terry Masson.

In Sept 2012, I completed the combined certificate and diploma course through the Brandon Raynor’s School of Natural Therapies and starting working at the Raynor Massage Training and Treatment Centre in Kelowna. I knew right then, the importance of this wonderful healing modality as it catapulted me into a beautiful healing journey for myself and my family.

In Aug 2013, I had the opportunity to train in the Advanced Course with Brandon Raynor in Kelowna B.C.

Now many wonderful years later, I am honoured to be an Instructor of Raynor Naturopathic Massage, as of Feb 2019, and currently own my own practice “Just Breathe Massage” in Kelowna B.C. as of 2016.

Other Modalities that I am trained in are, Bodytalk Modules 1 & 2, Mindscape, Break Through and Freefall, all within the scope of the International Bodytalk Association. Swedish massage, European Lymph Drainage massage, introduction to pathology, energy balancing & Reiki 1 , 2 and Master Level.