5 Common Myths about Massage

Myth #1: Massage is a luxury activity for the wealthy. Debunked: Massage needs to be accepted as an important tool in preventive healthcare. In fact, receiving a massage on a regular basis can save people a lot of time, pain and money in the long run. Massage has shown to have a positive effect on … Continued

Health Care of the Future by Naturopath Brandon Raynor

The health care of the future should be based on prevention of disease and health maintenance. According to the US Surgeon General 68% of all diseases in the United States are diet related. This would be similar for other countries such as Australia, Canada and the UK. If proper diet could be taught in schools … Continued

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treated by Raynor Massage and Naturopathy

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a new term for an old condition. It used to be called shell shock or combat fatigue but whatever it’s called it’s a huge problem. Every day in the US an Iraq or Afghanistan war veteran commits suicide because of it and 300,000 soldiers from those wars have … Continued

Massage for Children

Massage for children has been much underrated in Western society although it was traditionally a skill that was passed down through the generations. It can help calm an agitated child, it can see dramatic behavioural improvements for children who have Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or who have undergone some kind of trauma or abuse. It … Continued

The Body as Elements

In my last article I discussed the nature of chi, as being the life force or animating principal within the body, and its connection with the emotions and mental parts and physical parts of the person. In this article I would like to elaborate upon the more physical aspects of the person as seen by … Continued

The Art of Massage

There are many different approaches, styles and philosophies behind the practice of massage therapy. In some places, and by some people, massage is considered a branch of what is termed the healing arts, while other people in some places consider that massage that can be regulated and standardized according to scientific methods and then this is the only legitimate forms of massage. Where does Raynor massage fit into this debate?Raynor massage is based on movement of the chi or prana in the body. We believe that science does not understand and is only beginning to even explore, the nature of the chi or the life force and that is why the description of the life force in ancient oriental massage techniques is more of a poetic nature. The fact that science can’t explain or understand chi or life force, however, does not mean that this doesn’t not exist. It merely shows the limitations of science. For more information about this please see my article What is Chi.

What is Chi?

The understanding of the term chi is very central to understanding many forms of massage including Raynor massage. Chi literally means life force. It can be also spelt Qi and in different cultures can be called prana or sen or spirit. Chi is the underlying energy beneath the physical body. It is the difference between … Continued

Just Completed our First ‘Bespoke’ Massage Course

I am pleased to report that we have just completed our first ‘bespoke’ course, designed to meet the religious and / or cultural needs of a group of students. This was a small course for just two wonderful Hasidic Orthodox Jewish ladies. I ran the course Sunday – Thursday so that we were not working … Continued