All of our Practitioners are required to adhere to a strict code of conduct governing their professional behavior. This code of conduct is reproduced below for your information and for professional transparency.

If we become aware that a practitioner has breached this Code of Conduct then they are no longer granted the authority to use the term Raynor Massage in the treatments that they offer or in any of their publicity. We will co-operate with the police or other relevant authorities when requested to do so.

If a Practitioner is found guilty in a Court of Law of an offence relating to their massage practice yet continue to operate and advertise their services as a Raynor Practitioner or make reference to us in any of their publicity then we will also publish the names on this page, provide a link to their website where applicable, and publish the reason that they are listed on this page. We do this to protect the public in our role as a training establishment.

Name: Gary Lester

Date: April 2013
Reason for Listing: Gary Lester was found guilty in the UK Crown Court of two accounts of Sexual Assault during massage treatments. He is listed on Register of Sex Offenders until March 2020.

We can not endorse him as a practitioner


Name: Paul Rajinder Singh aka Raj Jolly

Date : January 2018

Reason for listing:  Sexual assault of clients

We can not endorse him as a practitioner


Name: Reinhard “Bud” Loewen

Date: June 2023

Reason for listing: Sexual assault of clients

We do not endorse him as a practitioner


Name: Derek Woodyatt

Date: May 2023

Reason for listing: Unprofessional conduct in his dealings with our school and other Raynor Practitioners.

We do not endorse him as a Raynor practitioner

Professional Code of Conduct

Brandon Raynor’s School of Natural Therapies is accredited by the International Natural Therapists Association Incorporated and therefore aligns its Professional Code of Conduct with this Association.

  1. The Brandon Raynor’s School of Natural Therapies (“BRSNT”) Practitioner will, when acting in a professional capacity, place the health, comfort and welfare of the client beyond the Practitioner’s self interest.
  2. The BRSNT Practitioner will, at all times, concede that the client has the ultimate say in what treatment they will accept. They will obtain the client’s consent to treat the parts of the body indicated, prior to treatment, and ensure that the client understands the treatment offered and material risks involved and is willing to accept this treatment.
  3. The BRSNT Practitioner will work only within the boundaries imposed by their training and qualifications, and will neither assume roles, nor adopt treatment procedures, nor offer advice, unless their training and qualifications clearly empower the Practitioner to do so.
  4. The BRSNT Practitioner will refer clients to a Health Professional with suitable qualifications and training where the client’s condition or needs are beyond the boundaries of the Practitioner’s qualifications and training.
  5. The information given to the BRSNT Practitioner by the client as an element of consultation will be treated as confidential.
  6. The BRSNT Practitioner will maintain and/or make all reasonable efforts to keep his/her practical and theoretical skills at the high standard expected of a BRSNT practitioner.
  7. The BRSNT Practitioner will conduct him/herself within all legal, moral and ethical boundaries when interacting with any client.
  8. The BRSNT Practitioner will not enter into an intimate or sexual relationship with a client under their care.
  9.  Information concerning fees charged for services will be brought to the attention of the client prior to treatment.

Duty of Care

The primary professional duty of a practitioner is to competently assist the client to optimum health, within the circumstances of the client’s condition.

Under no circumstances will a practitioner knowingly undertake any action that would adversely affect the health of a client.

The practitioner will act at all times with honesty, integrity and responsibility, to uphold the standards of Brandon Raynor’s School of Natural Therapies in conjunction with the International Natural Therapists Association.