Raynor massage is one of the best and most effective treatments for many forms of lower back pain. A lot of lower back pain actually comes from tension in the feet and in the toes. This tension is the root of the problem as the tension then comes up through the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the lower back of the leg and into the lower back.

Residual tension is muscular or tendon tension that is there when the muscles aren’t being voluntarily tightened. So if a muscle isn’t being used and is tight this is what we call residual tension. This residual tension in the toes, feet and legs will make the lower back tight and cause lower back pain.

Degenerating inter vertebral discs can result from this long term chronic residual tension. The good news is that Raynor massage can get rid of this chronic tension.  Many people experience this lumbar pain as a form of radiating pain that comes from the nerves of the lower vertebrae.

Symptoms of a strained lower back can range from excruciating pain to a mild intermittent discomfort. Medical treatment often involves Cortizone injections but this merely masks the problem and doesn’t get to the root cause of the problem.

Many remedial or therapeutic massage therapists will only massage the actual lower back whereas Raynor massage will emphasise working on the feet and toes first then the legs and finally the lower back itself.

When people leave the tension in their body to build up it compounds on itself and starts to become very aggravating to the nervous system causing all sorts of different problems. A regular Raynor massage can help prevent this buildup of tension.

Many people get this tension from their job, for example, nurses can get lower back problems from carrying patients, tradesmen can be doing certain activities that cause tension to build up but a regular massage will help a person, first to get rid of the chronic buildup of residual tension is there and then maintenance massage will stop it from re-occurring.