Lilly, was born in France and is now living in New Zealand. After travelling in different countries in her twenties, she finally dropped her backpack in a small town in the south of New Zealand in 2011 when she met her Kiwi now-husband.

In 2017, she went to Perth in Australia to learn Raynor massage and this was the beginning of an incredible journey of life transformation. She was very blessed to receive two massages from Brandon Raynor which transformed her completely. She realised how many emotions a body can hold and how Raynor massage and bodywork can go very deep when the person is ready to let go.

Lilly was so transformed after her second session that she was completely “hooked” and she started a fascinating adventure to learn more about the connection between the mind and body. She learned complementary modalities, she watched hours of Brandon’s videos, she did the diploma course in 2019. In 2022, she joined Brandon Raynor to assist him during a 7 day Combined Certificates Course in New Zealand and in early 2023, she will do an advanced course in Australia to keep learning and improving her techniques.

Lilly has been practicing full time since 2020 and she has a successful business constantly growing and going toward new exciting adventures. She will start teaching the 10 days course in 2023 in New Zealand.

She is very passionate about Raynor body work and her goal as a teacher is to help you to trust your intuition, to open yourself to the unknown and realise how important is the assisted belly breathing. The technique comes after. The more you trust yourself, the easier you will feel the bands and be in-tune with your client. She experienced such a powerful inner transformation herself that her purpose is to allow her future students to experience it as well. She believes that the more we release emotions from our past, the better therapist we will be. To be in service of others, we need to start serving ourselves.

If there is one thing Lilly will tell you is this: “If you decide to go on this new journey with Raynor massage, be open, be ready to change because the more you are ready to jump into the unknown, the more transformed your life will be. Trust me, I pinch myself sometimes to see how quickly things evolved in my life! I am so grateful for following my instinct to take the course in 2017. Brandon allowed me to blossom and find out who I really was by releasing my worse ‘demons’. The journey of self-healing is a life journey, but it definitely accelerated it! This course is Unique and any of my clients coming for a Raynor massage are telling me the same thing! I saw tears, laugh, screams and even more… But what is the most powerful is to see at the end my clients at peace, calm, somewhat transformed and grateful for the experience”.

Along her personally journey, Lilly learned psychology (clinical bachelor), Cranio-sacral therapy, different modalities of hypnosis and she is also learning some counselling skills. Her goal is to free as many people as possible from their pain to see them blossoming into a new, happier and more creative life.