Why Existing Massage Therapists Should Enrol in a Raynor Massage Course

  1. OFFER A NEW MASSAGE MODALITY TO YOUR CLIENTS and add different techniques to your repertoire. It is easy for clients to get tired of the same massage routine. What was once interesting in the beginning, may not be enough to maintain your existing clientele or to generate referrals. Monotony and predictable massage routines are a turn off for many people.

Raynor Massage is all about treating massage as an art form; catering each massage to suit the needs of each client. What is preferable and effective for a client one day may be completely different on another day. With Raynor Massage you will learn to tune into your client, adapt massage techniques and adjust your pressure for optimum results.

  1. GIVE MORE EFFECTIVE MASSAGE TREATMENTS. Massage therapists tend to be caring and nurturing people, however, having great empathy does not replace the need for skills. Every so often massage therapists run into the problem of not being able to help provide adequate relief for their clients and feel frustrated. Or worse, some therapist rub over and over a trouble spot without releasing the tension, which causes unnecessary soreness and discomfort.  If clients do not get the benefits they are looking for then they will seek other therapists.

The primary reason why Raynor Massage is more effective than other massage styles is that it concentrates on releasing physical tension from the anchor points before massaging the major muscles and fascia. By releasing the anchor points, the massage can provide long term relief.

  1. PREVENT MASSAGE BURN OUT. As a massage therapist, your body is your greatest asset. If you injure or over strain yourself, it can have detrimental effects on your business and morale as a therapist. Proper body mechanics and techniques are crucial to meet the physical demands of massage. Raynor Massage implements the use of hands, forearms, elbows, and one’s own bodyweight to increase pressure without having to overextend yourself. The use of massage tools and special techniques are also an integral part of Raynor Massage.
  1. LEARN THE HEALING POWER OF BREATH IN MASSAGE. The use of breath during a massage treatment is so important and most often overlooked. Deep breathing alone can relieve so much stress, plus it can help the body to relax and better prepare the body to receive a massage treatment.  Deep breathing, along with skill massage techniques, can help the client clear energetic blockages from within.
  1. REINVIGORATE YOUR PASSION AND PRACTICE. Sometimes it takes a different perspective to get out of a rut and remember the reasons you wanted to become a massage therapist in the first place. Further education training can do just that. Our short massage courses allow you to continue your massage practice while upgrading your skills and boosting your morale.