Intensive massage course
Raynor massage course in Namibia in January 2017

Brandon Raynor’s Massage and Natural Therapies School offers intensive massage courses in many locations throughout the world. Our intensive massage courses are composed of our 5 day Raynor Massage Certificate Course and our 10 day Raynor Massage Diploma Course. These intensive massage courses will teach you an advanced style of massage in a simple and easy to understand way. You don’t need to waste your time doing a one, two or three year course at big massage college. Our Raynor massage courses will teach you to do a very deep tissue form of massage that can be made lighter if necessary to suit the clients needs. This style of massage can be used for sports people, stressed out people, people who value health, and any other person that would normally see a professional massage therapist. Please have a read about a more thorough description of Raynor massage here.

Teaching intensive massage courses all over the world since 1997

We have been teaching these intensive massage courses since 1997, when we started in Sydney, Australia. We now offer these courses in many locations throughout the world such as London, Toronto, Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Auckland, Christchurch and Namibia.

Intensive massage class New Zealand
Massage Course in New Zealand in June 2016

Raynor massage courses are very practical. Approximately 80% of the time is spent massaging, watching the teacher demonstrate a massage, or being massaged. the rest off the time we cover essential theory such as contraindications, hygiene, professional behaviour codes, the qualities of a good massage therapist, how to set up a massage business, and in our Diploma course we cover the use of essential oils with massage.

After completing one of our intensive massage courses you can get insured and set up your own business, or if you prefer work for someone else or just help friends and family.

To find one of our courses near you please have a look at our worldwide course calendar. For more information or if you would like us to email you out a free information kit about our intensive massage courses please contact us.

If you have a group of 6 or more people we can also arrange to have an intensive massage course brought to your area.