Can I get insurance after completing this course?

If you are thinking of practicing as a herbalist after completing this course, it is a good idea to look into insurance options. There are several options on where to get your standard Malpractice and General Liability Insurance, one of the companies that we recommend is JUA Underwriting Agency Pty Limited due to its affordability … Continued

Will I be a fully qualified herbalist after completing this course?

In Australia, herbalism is not a registered health profession, therefore you will be able to advertise and practice as a qualified herbalist after completing this course. If you do plan to practice, we would recommend that you source insurance before seeing patients. In addition, there may be legal ramifications if you give someone an inappropriate … Continued

Can I start my studies at any time?

Yes, you can enrol and start your studies at any time. This is an online course and there is no classroom attendance. Currently this is a textbook based only course; we do not have video content or any additional components.

Are there any exams or just assignments?

There are assignments that correspond with each textbook and no exams. You may refer to your notes and books to assist you with your assignments. These assignments are designed to be simple and concise, and to ensure that you have read and properly understood the information before you counsel others.