Who Can Benefit From Flower Essences

Flower essences can have a profound effect on consenting and open-minded adults, children and even animals. Although the percentage of alcohol, used a preserving agent, is low in flower essence remedies, many are now being preserved in vegetable glycerine to accommodate for those with a sensitivity to alcohol and those who enjoy a sweeter taste.

Are Flower Essences Safe To Take With Other Medications?

Yes, flower essences are safe for those who are taking prescribed medication as they work on a vibrational energy and not chemical makeup. In fact, most pharmaceuticals lead to unwanted side effects that sometimes may be countered by flower essences.

Is There A Demand For Flower Essence Practitioners?

Yes! A key component to using flower essences successfully is to be able to accurately diagnosis the issue or issues at hand. While self-awareness and inner examination plays an important role, often times this process can be aided by a dialogue or observations of another. A flower essence practitioner can provide insight into underlying causes … Continued

How Do You Diagnose For Flower Essences?

There are several vibrational techniques that can be used to select flower essences for yourself and others including kinesiology, use of a pendulum, diagnostic cards, inner examination of imbalance, and direct sensing with intuition. You will learn these various techniques in our Flower Essence Course.

Who Is Dr Bach?

Dr Bach is a British physician who understood the potency of flowers and the profound effect they have in healing emotional/mental and spiritual issues. He developed the first 38 flower remedies and made them readily available for others to use in natural therapies.

What Are Flower Essences?

Every type of plant has a specific energy pattern and life force, which can be harnessed through a sun infusion of its flowers in a bowl of water. It is then diluted and preserved to capture the potency and vibration of the flower. Flower essences, when ingested or applied topically, have energetic properties that are … Continued