Raynor massage is one of the most effective ways to help people suffering from a frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder is actually a tightening of the muscles in the shoulder region causing the shoulder to become immobile or “frozen”.

This tightening actually occurs from tightening of  either or both the hand and the foot on the side that the shoulder is frozen.

Shoulder tension comes from having a tight hand. This tension then travels up the forearm and into the biceps and triceps and up into the shoulder. The tension also comes from the foot up the leg, into the abdomen and into the shoulder, often meeting the tension from the hand and arm making the shoulder immobilised by the tension.

Many people are completely unaware of how much tension the holding in their fingers and  hands or their toes and their feet. They are often only aware of certain areas like the neck, back or shoulders being tight but the actual source of the tension is in reality the fingers or toes. This is quite well known in the practice of reflexology and even more so in Raynor massage. Raynor massage gets to the source of this tension and gets rid of it, stopping this debilitation and the immobilisation that occurs with  a  frozen shoulder.  Frozen shoulder often occurs in many tradespeople. Carpenters, for example, from using the hand all the time may get a tight hand which will then make a the arms and deltoid muscles tight.