The first playlist is of Naturopath Brandon Raynor working on Kristy, during a Raynor massage courses in 2020. Her little toe has always been turned in causing many problems higher up her body. Brandon corrects this using massage tools and chopsticks.

1. Brandon massaging Kristy’s feet

2. Brandon working on Danielle

The next video is of Brandon working on Danielle who has had many problems relating to her feet. First Brandon loosens up Danielle’s jaw to allow the energy trapped in her feet and legs to release.

3. Brandon massaging Phyllis

This video is a great example of how to massage elderly people’s feet. Phyllis is 83 and first received Raynor Massage several years ago and has found it to be extremely beneficial. She is getting very used to Raynor Massage.

4. Brandon working on Rob.

Rob has had quite a few problems with his Achilles tendon on his foot and so i try and loosen up his whole foot to see if it will help him.

5. Brandon massaging Richard

Here I am trying to loosen up Richard’s tight feet. He has a very high pain threshold.

6. Brandon doing a foot massage reflexology demonstration during a Raynor massage class in Gympie in early 2020.

Here Brandon demonstrates the use of massage tools and chopsticks to get deeper pressure.

7. Brandon receiving a foot massage from his partner.

Brandon demonstrates how to let go of emotions by having a non judgmental frame of mind and letting go of the energy that causes tension. warning this can be quite loud at time.

8. Brandon massaging Skyler in New Zealand

Brandon is loosening up a lot of tension in Skyler.

9. Brandon massaging Yasir in London

Brandon is massaging Yasir, who is a teacher for our school in Edmonton, Canada


10. Brandon massaging Shane’s foot.

Shane is an prison guard and martial arts instructor who had very tough feet. I had to use very strong pressure in order to release his tension.

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