Foot and Hand Raynor Reflexology 2-Day Seminar

This intensive two day seminar explores the practice of Raynor hand and foot reflexology.

Day One

Day One we look at the importance of the feet and how tension from the feet affects other parts of the body. We introduce a variety of massage tools to help you achieve deeper pressure on points that need to be loosened.

Reflexology has a very long history and originally developed out of foot massage techniques from ancient India and Egypt and more recently from Eunice Ingham, considered the western world’s foremost authority on reflexology. Naturopath, Brandon Raynor, has developed the ideas of reflexology foot massage further with his thirty years of experience and worldwide travels to look at a huge variety of techniques and approaches around the world to get this important healing art to a further stage of refinement and effectiveness.

During the morning of the class we discuss the map of the reflexology zones of the feet and the history of reflexology. Then the teacher will do a demonstration of Raynor style reflexology and in the afternoon the students will have time to practice on each other. We also have designed our own foot reflexology chart.

Foot Reflexology Chart
Raynor Foot Reflexology Chart

Day Two

Day Two is all about hand reflexology. We look at the various reflex points in the hand and the reflexology zones and we get to understand the roots of tension of the Raynor massage bands of tension in the end of the fingers ( and toes). After that the teacher will do a demonstration of a hand reflexology treatment and then the students will pair up and perform Raynor hand reflexology on each other.



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