The techniques employed in a Raynor head and face massage are highly effective at getting rid of scalp and facial muscle tension, as while as providing a general sense of relaxation.

Many people do not even realize that they have tight facial muscles, which can often lead to  wrinkles in the form of forehead furrows, groves in between the brows and lip line. Today, there are so many people squinting to see text messages or straining to look at computer or television screens and this too causes tension in the facial muscles around the forehead, eyes and scalp. Raynor Massage can get to the source of this facial tension and help to combat the appearance of premature ageing and physical stress. Since the face is comprised of nerves, pressure points and lymphatic vessels, it is important to apply the proper use of techniques and right amount of stimulation. Raynor head, scalp and face massage stimulates the lymph system and blood flow for increased collagen production that creates a healthy complexion and hair growth, and provides a range of other health benefits.

As the amount of pollution and chemical contaminants and products increases, so is the amount of people who are afflicted by allergies. Raynor head and face massage can also help provide relief for those who suffer from allergies and sinus congestion. By gently applying pressure to specific pressure points and massaging certain regions of the face, it can help to reduce sinus pressure, headaches, and puffiness as well as improve sinus drainage and mobilise secretions to provide nasal relief. Raynor head and face massage can be performed as a self massage or done on others to provide a healthier, natural and long term solution to better breathing without the use of chemical laden pharmaceutical decongestants.

A good head and face massage can also provide relief from migraines and tension headaches. Tension headaches are often caused by facial muscle tension or tension held in the hands and feet coming up the limbs, into the neck and into the head. Raynor Massage will find the source of this tension and get rid of it with the use of micro-massage and reflexology. It may take a few treatments but you can often be headache free or at least reduce the frequency of headaches after a few weeks of massage sessions.

Many people also suffer from jaw clenching and grinding of the teeth at night. This is often associated with long term chronic tension and stress and sometimes repressed emotions such an anger or frustration. Raynor Massage can help get rid of this deep seated tension from its source and allow the TMJ ( temporomandibular joint) to relax.