Evidence Based Medicine

There has been a lot of talk about “evidence based medicine” lately usually from adherents of western medicine and vaccinations and people opposed to health practices based on principles with natural products and life force etc.

It sounds really smart “evidence based medicine”. Yes, it sounds like a high minded scientific attempt to sort truth from untruth and have a type of medicine that works rather than charlatans ripping people off with “natural products or services” claims that are unverified. That’s what it sounds like but it is a clever piece of propaganda from the disease industries (The industries that thrive off of disease rather than health). I will clearly explain why in this article.

Gathering up evidence to support the health effects of herbal medicines or nutrition or massage or most other natural therapies is a very expensive procedure and no one individual person or company can profit from that scientific proof of something working, so the question is who will fund the “evidence based medicine approach” when it comes to natural medicine? When it comes to pharmaceuticals the story is different because a pharmaceutical company can patent a drug or vaccine after it has done it billions of dollars worth of research. According to this Forbes.com article  it costs up to 5 billion dollars to get a drug successfully through the patenting process.

This, of course, means they need to make that money back and more in order to make a profit. And boy do they make a profit. According to this BBC report they are one of the wealthiest industries in the world.

So when it comes to evidence based research for herbal medicines or for massage or for nutrition who has 5 billion dollars to spend to show that a style of massage works or that parsley is a diuretic that’s safe. Only a government could afford such money to spend on researching something that is for the common good rather than for the profit of a particular industry. But the politicians who control government receive huge amounts of political funding from the pharmaceutical industries who definitely don’t want people spending their money on natural medicines where they cant reap a profit from and if it got too expensive people could make themselves by growing herbs etc. In this chart you will see that in Australia groups such as the Pharmacy Guild donate money to both major political parties to push their agenda, . Here is another chart showing pharmaceutical donations to political parties.

Here is another article about pharmaceuticals and their ways with politicians. According to wikipedia The Pharmaceutical lobby group spends the most money of any industry lobbying politicians.

So when these groups are paying for such immense influence over government they don’t want the government to spend money on producing scientific studies to validate medicines that these industries make no money out of. So therefore the evidence isn’t always there for natural medicines!

However because a scientific study hasn’t been done on something doesn’t mean it doesn’t work and that is where these people promoting this evidence based medicine philosophy like to make a sly slip of rationality. They like to attack natural medicines based on the idea that because they are scientifically unproven they don’t work. Often they will throw in comments about snake oil or other products that didn’t work but actually snake oil in its original form did work, it was later when they changed the type of snake or removed it entirely that it was a fraud.

Because there are so many medicines out there that are untested in scientific manner because the government does not want to actually care for peoples health but only the profits of their campaign donors who pull their strings, then there is no research into techniques and natural products that have been often used for millennium to good effect at keeping people healthy.

I have no problem with people that want to narrow down their experiences and belief to only those products that are “scientifically proven” by a pharmaceutical company or in a few cases by governments such as china that actually do do research into natural medicines but the problem arises when these people with such limited experience and belief in medicine try to restrict the freedom of choice that other people who prefer natural medicines whether they be “scientifically tested” or not, to be able to use them. This is when you can see the fascist nature of these people and their obvious string pullers in the drug companies to come out. Liberty loving people everywhere should resist these fascists who only really care about corporate profits. But as usual they use an innocent sounding term to pervert that like “I only believe in evidence based medicine” or more sinisterly “only evidence based medicine should be allowed to be practised or be funded by the government”. This is just one more attempt at discrediting natural health practitioners that has been going on a long time. Please read this interesting article.