It’s quick and easy to enrol on our courses. There are two options, either you can enrol online or you can call us and go through the enrolment process over the phone.

Below you will find a quick review of how to enrol online in 3 easy steps along with payment details and course requirements.

How to Enrol Online

To enrol online you must go to our online enrolment website and from there follow the following 3 steps:

  1. Choose your course location
    Browse available courses by making a choice from the list to the left of your screen.
  2. Choose your Course
    Click on the course of your choice to view details and enrolment options.
  3. Enrol
    Choose whether to pay the full amount or a deposit from the enrolment options then proceed to payment by clicking enrol. Simply follow the checkout prompts and supply necessary information and choose a payment option.


Upon submission of your enrolment, you will receive an automatic email confirming your submission. Please wait 2-7 days for our enrolment team to contact you and confirm your placement.

Payment Details

We offer various options for payment. First of all when choosing your course you can choose to pay the full amount, or secure your placement with a deposit. Then during the checkout process you have the option to pay by credit card, cheque or direct bank transfer. If you do not opt to pay online when you enrol, we will contact you to arrange payment.

If you would like to speak to someone about your payment, please contact us.

Please note: Deposits are nonrefundable.


For bookings for the US, UK, Canada, South Africa and Ireland we use PayPal to accept all credit card payments through PayPal’s Website Payments Pro system. This allows us and our customers to benefit from PayPal’s increased security. Although you don’t need a PayPal account and never have to leave our site, your credit card details are passed straight to PayPal, thus we never handle nor keep those details. For courses in Australia and New Zealand we use Westpac’s secure PayWay system.

If you would prefer not to pay online, please contact us, or choose the payment option “other” when enrolling, and we will contact you.