Beyond Band Aids: A Natural First Aid Kit

Many people are starting to take control of their health by eating wholefoods and selecting natural bodycare and household products, thus eliminating unnecessary toxins from their lives. The next logical step would be to swap out non-prescription antiseptics and painkillers with effective herbal equivalents.  Here are some ideas for assembling your own herbal first aid kit:

* RESCUE REMEDY: The Bach Flower Remedies provide potent emotional support for all trauma. There is also a Rescue Remedy cream for shocks and nervousness.Calendula officinalis flower
* CALENDULA CREAM: Antiseptic and antifungal; useful for all sorts of cuts and scrapes.
* COMFREY OINTMENT: Speeds wound healing by encouraging cell growth. ** Only use on clean cuts because the rapid healing skin may trip dirt.
* ARNICA CREAM:  Effective for bruises and sprains. ** Do not use on broken skin as it can be an irritant
* CHICKWEED CREAM: For boils, insect stings, burns, scalds, and drawing out splinters.
* LAVENDAR ESSENTIAL OIL: Add 2-3 drops to a teaspoon of carrier oil and massage into the nape of neck and temples of head to relieve headache or migrane, minor burns scalds or sunburns. Add directly for insect bite relief.
* TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL: Antiseptic and antifungal for cuts and abrasions, warts and cold sores.
* EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OIL: Antiseptic used for infections like influenza and for respiratory problems as an inhalation. Soak a hand towel in 2mL oil/ 100mL water and apply to inflammations, painful joints and burns. Gargle 5 drops of oil in a cup of water for throat infection.
* THYME ESSENTIAL OIL: Use for lice and external parasites. Add 4 drops in boiled water and inhale the steam for a cold, bronchitis or the flu. Add 2 drops to a half cup of water for toothache or sore throat.
* DISTILLED WITCH HAZEL: Use for minor burns and sunburn. Soak a cotton swab in witch hazel to staunch the flow of blood from wounds and to soothe insect bites.
* EPSOM SALTS: Use as bath soak for sore muscles or dissolve in water to help remove splinters.
* HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: Clean out wounds. Uses at first hint of ear infection, put a dropper of hydrogen peroxide into ear for 15 minutes or until it stops bubbling.
* CAYENNE POWDER: Use topically to stop bleeding (may sting a bit) or take internally during heart attacks to increase blood flow and help clear blockages.
* BAKING SODA: Use for severe heartburn or urinary track infections, 1/4 teaspoon in water can be taken internally to help allieviate symptoms. It can also be made into a poultice and used on spider bites.
* BENTONITE CLAY or CHARCOAL TABLETS: Use for diarrhea or to assist with detoxification in event of poisoning; charcoal: take 4 every hour;  bentonite clay: take 1 teaspoon in water, 3-4 times per day. Drink plenty of water.
* DRIED HERBS: Keep an assortment of dried herbs or herbal tea bags for infusions; chamomile flowers for shock and nervous upsets; fennel or peppermint for indigestion; and lavendar for headaches and migranes.
* INFUSED OILS: Use St. John’s wort oil for burns and sunburns; marigold oil for scrapes or athlete’s foot; lemon balm oil for insect bites and as an insect deterrent.
Raw Ingredients Found in the Kitchen or the Field:

Aloe vera plant

* ALOE: Use to soothe minor burns, scalds or sunburns; break off a leaf from an Aloe vera plant, split it open and apply thick gel to affected area.
* ONION: Place fresh slices on insect stings, nettle rash or hives caused by food allergies for rapid relief.
* GINGER: Chew a piece of ginger to ease nausea or to prevent travel sickness or to soothe stomach after food poisoning.
* MEADOW HERBS: Use yarrow for wounds and nosebleeds; shepherd’s purse, self-heal, wild geranium or herb Robert to stop bleeding. Use freshly crushed plantain or lemon balm for insect bites and dock leaves for nettle stings.
These are only suggestions and should only be used once you have properly educated yourself on these herbs. It is also important to remember that while these may prove useful for some people, it may not work for you; so take care to use common sense and seek a professional’s help if necessary.
Go ahead get started assembling some herbal first aid kits and give the gift of healing to your family and friends!