Are you interested in becoming a massage therapist as a career or would like to massage family and friends for better health? Massage is one of the largest growing sectors in healthcare, as more and more people recognize that deep tissue massage isn’t just mere pampering but is an effective way to treat diseases of the mind, body and spirit. There are many massage training programs in Australia, here is a quick comparison of the major differences between our combined certificates course and a government accredited massage course.

Raynor Naturopathic Massage –      Combined Certificates Government Accredited Diploma of Remedial Massage
Massage Modalities Incorporates various massage modalities into one: Raynor Naturopathic Massage. Students learn the most effective techniques from each modality so they can blend their skills in order to address a range of concerns. Offers one style of massage or various massage modalities in separate courses. Students are limited by a single modality to address a range of concerns.
Duration of Training 40 hours online + 10 days of intensive practical training.  1-2 years.
Massage Career Earn money and help others within weeks of starting the course. You will qualify to get insured and have the skills to start massaging immediately upon completion. Students must defer their massage career while they are busy studying and not yet equipped in their training to massage. Not only are they spending money on school fees, they are not earning income during this time.
Cost AUD $3,500  Average AUD $10,000
Learning Style Practical massage demonstrations, hands-on training, one on one instructor tutor, and student clinic during the course. Small class sizes of 20 or fewer student for individual attention. Handbook and massage videos for supplementation and revision after the course. Mostly rote learning from lectures and textbooks with emphasis on supporting subjects rather than actual massage training and techniques.
Insurance Upon completion you will be eligible to get insured for malpractice, products and public liability. Upon completion you will be eligible to get insured for malpractice, products and public liability.
Quality of Massage Client-centred massage; address the clients’ needs by adapting the massage techniques and pressure to suit the person. Routine massage; perform a certain amount of massage strokes and moves during each massage regardless of the person.
Healthcare Rebate [Savings] Does not allow for healthcare rebates, however, we believe that if our students give high quality massages they will never be in any shortage of clients. Government accredited Cert IV massage courses allow for healthcare rebates, however, the amount of refund each year is getting less and less. Check for yourself.
Treating the Whole Person Raynor Naturopathic Massage is a holistic massage that addresses clients on a mind, body and spirit level. As seen in ancient modalities like yoga and tai chi, people are more than just their physical body. Each person is comprised of a life force known as prana or chi, massage can unblock any stagnation of energy or physical tension. Remedial massage is based on reductionism of a person. It only addresses the physical body without consideration of how the mind and spirit effect it.
Full Body Massage Raynor Naturopathic Massage is truly a full body massage that also focuses on underemphasized but important parts of body such as the hands, feet, abdomen and head. These are often the anchor points of tension. Remedial massage focuses on a problematic area of the body rather than the area that caused it. (ie. People with sore shoulders typically have tension in their fingers, hands, and arms, leading up to their shoulders.)
Breathing Techniques Teaches people how to breathe properly during a massage to allow for a deeper state of relaxation, purification and healing. Remedial massage does not teach clients how to be actively involved in the massage treatment.
Overall Effect of Massage The aim of our massage is to find any residual tension and to get rid of it at its source. Raynor Naturopathic Massage is to be used in preventive care, for maintenance of good health, and/or to help people with existing ailments. Remedial massage is performed after an injury or ailment has already occurred.