Please give Gerardo a warm welcome our newest Raynor Massage Teacher for Mexico.

Gerardo grew up in Puerto Vallarta Mexico where he met his wife Karina and moved to Canada where he has lived for over 20 years. He speaks English and Spanish and has a wide variety of skills that he has learned throughout the years. In finding Raynor massage he has gained more experience with understanding how to help heal the body. He has a great love for sports and due to this he has directed his massages into the field of sports related massage. For many years Gerardo has played and coached soccer as it is one of his passions. After moving to Canada, he started up a restaurant business with his wife Karina which they had for 18 years. With much experience in the food industry, he knows his way around delicious and nutritious foods. Which also helps for a well-balanced diet, being yet another great way to help heal your body.

Expanding his horizons Gerardo has taken course in Bio magnetism and has incorporated this skill set into his services. With a wide variety of knowledge in natural healing Gerardo is a compassionate soul who looks to help people find their path to bettering their health and healing their soul.