Dave Taylor has achieved the title of Advanced Practitioner in the technique of Raynor Massage having been personally trained by Brandon Raynor.

Dave is a highly experienced Raynor Massage practitioner and has built a successful massage therapy business with 2 clinics in the UK and worked with 1000’s of clients that were seeking assistance to live with less tension in their bodies.

Dave has been teaching since 2015 and has helped 100’s of students achieve their goal of starting their own business’s as Raynor Massage Therapists.

Dave’s career path has taken him in many different directions from being an entertainer on cruise ships, to working on Oil Rigs in the North Sea! Several years ago Dave suffered a neck injury in a serious car accident, leaving him with debilitating pain. The only treatment western medicine had to offer seemed to be prescription painkillers. He was told there was no “cure”. Dave was unwilling to accept a lifetime of reliance on drugs in order to function halfway normally.

The only solution he could think of was to delve into the world of alternative medicine. As he continued working on ships Dave made it his mission to disembark at every port to search out holistic healers. He found some that were able to provide temporary relief from his pain, but nothing lasted long-term and a cure seemed out of reach.

Then Dave had the good fortune of experiencing a Raynor Massage! He was astounded by the results. With just a few treatments a lifetime of stored physical and emotional tension simply vanished. This release left him completely pain free and the focus of his entire life was changed forever. He knew without a doubt that this technique was something he wanted to learn and ultimately perform on others to help them the way he had been helped.

The question is often asked of Dave, “Is it really possible to learn this technique by just taking a 10-day course?” His answer is always “Yes it most definitely is!” Dave received his Diploma in Raynor Massage on a Friday and was able to immediately get Practitioner’s Insurance coverage. The following day he was using the technique on his very first paying client, in their home. Two days later, on Monday the doors were opened at his clinic in London. He has been treating clients with Raynor Massage ever since. Dave now has a private practice in Hastings and continues to be booked up several weeks in advance.

Dave receives a great deal of satisfaction from his work. He is awed by his ability to heal others with just his hands and of course the occasional elbow! He is humbled and honoured to be in a position to train others in this amazing technique. He looks forward to having you in his class sometime this year, hopefully very soon!

Learn more at https://davetaylortraining.co.uk/