Despite the growing popularity for people seeking massage therapy, to help lower their stress and increase their health and productivity, there is relatively few practitioners of abdominal massage. And yet, abdominal massage has a long history in Japanese shiatsu, arvigo in the Mayan civilization, and Tibetan dku mnye for the improvement and maintenance of the abdomen and vital organs.

Raynor Massage has adapted various techniques from different massage modalities to become highly effective at getting rid of abdominal tension. Tension in the abdomen can restrict blood flow, lymph, nerves and even chi flow. There are different layers of muscles in the abdomen. We have our outer layer of muscles which can become tight through physical stress like riding bicycles and other sports, but the deeper layer of muscular tension in the belly is often in the small intestine and the large intestine.These subconscious muscles or involuntary muscles become tight through a build up of stress and toxins or emotional upheaval. For instance, many people experience nervousness as “butterflies in the belly” or trouble or anxiety as a “knot in the gut”. This is because many emotional stressors cause a release of acids or muscular tightening.

Deep Breathing Alone Can Reduce Some Abdominal Tension

Many people hold this tension in their belly and when left unchecked it can cause problems with the digestive system or the reproductive system. Raynor Massage is one of the most powerful techniques to get rid of this deep-seated abdominal tension and encourage proper intestinal function. In order to perform Raynor Massage effectively, clients must breathe deeply into their hara or belly while the practitioner utilizes a series of skilled techniques. This may include circular movements across the large intestine to alleviate constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and digestive upset; kneading to stimulate the muscles and organs, including the gall bladder and liver, to allow for increased blood and oxygen flow; and even a deep and gentle probing to dislodge and stir up toxins held within organs and muscles.

When Raynor Massage is properly performed on the abdomen, it has the potential to reposition organs or correct a prolapsed, fallen or tilted uterus. In fact, many reproductive problems, menstrual cramps, PMT/PMS, amenorrhea, benign prostate enlargement, ulcers, infertility, re-flux and chronic fatigue syndrome are just a few examples of some of the conditions that can be caused by too much muscular tension in the abdomen.With regular abdominal massage and therefore less tension and toxins in the abdominal cavity, the body can transport and absorb nutrients, hormones, blood and oxygen more freely and function optimally.