Terry Masson has had the wonderful opportunity to work directly with Brandon as his personal assistant on The Freedom Ride (www.thefreedomride.org). Together they promoted Raynor Massage and petitioned for greater freedom in the laws for alternative health care practitioners. Those months on the road with Brandon have helped fine tune his skills in massage so that he is now very capable and confident enough to teach this technique anywhere in the world. With a sturdy background in health, fitness, nutrition, wellness and now Raynor massage; Terry brings his skills in Yoga, Qigong and Meditation to his courses to envelop a wholistic approach to healing. His enthusiastic attitude and caring nature quickly bonds his students in a friendly learning environment where he is able to express this knowledge in easily understood ways.

Testimonials from graduates of Terry’s classes:

Student Testimonial

There are only two words to describe this deep tissue meridian massage: powerful and transformative, on more levels than just one. Every cell in my body was tingling for hours afterwards. My body felt light and energy began to flow again to areas that must have been blocked for years.

The symptoms I had before the Raynor massage; tight neck & shoulders, tight forearms & wrist pain, especially on left side (from years of massaging other people), mild lower back pain, nagging hip pain on left side of body, pain in both knees, pain in left ankle & foot, and pain in right heel. All these symptoms were gone the day after the massage!

Old baggage stuck in the body was released and “WOW” did I feel it leave my body! I recommend this technique to anyone who is ready to take charge for his or her own healing or wants to take it to a whole new level. My own personal approach in life has always been to be determined to find healing modalities that go directly to the root cause. Nothing else will do. The Brandon Raynor Technique of Therapeutic Massage does just that and is another absolutely crucial piece of the puzzle that is necessary for healing!

The course itself was fabulous. I felt welcomed and at home the minute I got there. Terry, our Instructor, was professional, sincere, approachable and absolutely dedicated to his calling. He was fair to me and with everybody, made us all feel at ease and was just great to work with overall. By the end of the course all his knowledge blew me away. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Terry for a superb class and for teaching a massage technique whose effects last for many many weeks afterwards.

Your teaching style is precise, down to earth and easy to understand. On top of it all you’ve got this beautiful what is called Silent Power (and you earned it). In other words you demand respect quietly and you get it naturally. You have kindness, compassion and understanding as well. What a great combination of personality traits! That is what makes a great teacher.

Jutta Miner, M.A., C.M.T. – South Burlington, VT
Completed Diploma Course in Burlington, VT, November, 2007

Montana massage course

Student Testimonial

“Working with Terry during my Raynor Massage dipolma course was a unique and uplifting experience! Having years of bodywork done, including years of Rolfing, I have never found any process so powerful , so intense, yet with such release of tension and deep rooted stress as the Raynor Massage Therapy technique as taught by Terry. It made a great impact in my life! I feel that Terry was a caring and toughtful instructor which enabled me to learn in a comfortable manner.With a lot to learn in a two week period, Terry put it altogether in an enjoyable format and always kept it fresh and interesting. He did push when we needed it, but was there when we needed a friendly ear too!

Great working with you Terry, thanks for not giving up on me, I am so happy I did this course!”

Paul Morgan
Nov 2007
Burlington, VT

Gold Coast massage course

Student Testimonial

“Learning the Brandon Raynor Technique has really changed my life. Before this course, I was too afraid to start up my own business. Although I have had intensive massage training and a kinesiology/physio background I kept giving myself excuses as to why I was not setting up my business. Terry really helped me gain my confidence and learn the technique. I really believe that I can do something so very special. Giving to people a very rare treatment which is super beneficial and healing. Never in my life have I been so sure as to what I am destined to do. So far, all my clients are extremely happy and are dramatically feeling the effects. I just started my business and I can see a long road of success thanks to this technique and most importantly my teacher and friend, Terry. I’m so glad that I went through with this course and will always stand by this precious technique. Not only is this a time for learning but it is a time for personal growth and finding your inner strength. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be touched.”

Grace Bisbikos
Toronto, ON, Canada

Student Testimonial

I have had some amazing experiences, really intense ones at that, giving these massages. People are always commenting, that they’ve had massages, but never anything like this before. I gave 2 massages, yesterday and the day before, and both had emotional releases. Yesterday nights was REALLY intense. Her hands were tingling, her body sweating, leg cramps, twitches, and I actually had to stop for awhile, because it was too intense for her. She kept deep breathing, but all of it was making her feel like she wanted to vomit… she asked if I ever experienced this before, whether it was normal? And I certainly believe it is normal, if someone is really toxic, and obviously holding onto a lot. and she had a break down, and began to cry, sob, and she poured her heart to me. She does suffer from some physical ailments, which I learned about to begin with, but she was also holding onto so much of the past, and dealing with things in the present which, were partly cause of her body aches.

But she wrote me today, and she had a bath last night and this morning, and this morning was feeling rather physically and emotionally shaken, but come afternoon she was feeling more than ever like herself again, and she found the experience to be so wild, and her tendinitis in her shoulder wasn’t really bothering her as much. She was able to lift her arm up, which is something she couldnt do the past 2 weeks (she had been visiting a chiropractor for 2 weeks trying to relieve it, but nothing has worked until this massage!) I suggested she gets more body work done. She NEEDS it, and she is ready and wanting to let go, yet there are so many deep layers to work through.

I just find it so amazing Terry, the deep effect this has on people. I feel so blessed to be able to give this to another, to help someone feel their pain, acknowledge it, breathe life into it, and then release it. It is such a gift. And to see people open up, trusting, letting go…

and so many awesome experiences thus far… and this is just the beginning! Thank you for being a great teacher Terry.

I just love this so much… as my one client told me the other day, ‘this was such a gift.’ And that is what it feels like to me, with every massage I give!! Thanks Terry!!!! Enjoy yourself and be well!

And I will share yet another email from a friend of mine… the day before his massage, he was suffering from bad bronchitis, he was in such pain, difficulty in breathing, and he told me his body was really sad. He was in tears. I gave him a 3 hour massage one night, and it was rather intense as well, yet we focused on the breath, even though it was hard for him… I was rather surprised at just how well he was breathing. I worked a lot on his back and chest (pounding to release any fluids, phlegm), and then I spent a good half hour at the end, just hands on healing, relaxing, soothing, calming, and it was amazing the energy I felt (and as well him!!) But he wrote me the following day…

Shannon, I feel pretty great in general, besides my lower back hurting in the morning a bit, ‘but no longer’. And thanks again, the massage and you are wonderful!! I could BREATHE today!!!

PS: I forgot to mention that the massage you gave me was most “definitely” the best I’ve ever received! Thank you again! -you’re sweet.

Shannon Glashan
Niagara Falls, Canada
Finished Raynor Massage Diploma Course in Toronto, Canada

Student Testimonial

I have just completed day 3 of the Diploma Course. Words cannot express this experience.

Eight years ago I had a crushed L6, I am one of a few that have this, removed, as well as a stenosis and 2 ruptured discs fused. Since this procedure, I have “protected” this area. If a massage therapist applied any pressure to this area, there was immediate pain radiating to a headache.

These past 8 days, Terry Masson, the Instructor for this course has totally changed my thoughts on “processing” pain. My sacral area is no longer painful and tight., I can move about and stretch in a way that I have not been able to for years.

Thank you Brandon for having the insight and compassion to create this method of healing. I am also thankful for Terry Masson and his passion for this method of healing and his desire to make a difference in people’s lives for the better.

I feel very priveledged to be a part of this amazing phenomenom, and cannot wait to start sharing with others the Brandon Raynor Massage!

Julia Dearhamer – Bozeman, Montana

Student Testimonial


Thanks a lot for your great job of leading the Raynor Massage Course last week. I hope that everybody from our class would agree that you created very special environment which helped to understand concepts of subtle body energy / body tension / trapped energy and really feel Qi in our bodies.

I’ve heard a lot of explanations, even seen some demonstrations related to the topic, but the real experience is a completely different matter.

Good luck in your noble undertaking of teaching people better understand their own bodies, emotions and help them to live more harmonized / balanced life.

Albert Yushko
Finished massage course in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada May 2010

Student Testimonial

Hey Brandon,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for the wonderful course you created and the incredible technique you developed. I apologize for not giving you some feedback sooner.

The two weeks of taking the course were two of the most life-changing weeks of my life. Terry was an excellent teacher and mentor. We were lucky, having a small class and getting more attention. I found that Terry was extremely patient and allowed me to come to my own realizations, while repeatedly hitting important points. It was also good to have his partner Stephanie there, because she was familiar with the technique and able to help out.

Receiving the treatment was amazing. I felt a lot of electricity and had an extremely intense release. It opened me up in a way I’ve never experienced before. As I got into working on others I felt more of a connection to the energy. Some of the experiences I had, I can only describe as supernatural. I never knew such things were possible.

Its hard to put my experience into words.

I’m back full-time at University, working part-time. As I re-acclimatize myself to the academic world, I know that I can stay rooted through massage and tuning into my body. I’m pumped to start up my practice. For now, I’m content to give massages, it keeps me grounded and feels good to be of service and spread healing.

It’s wonderful what you’ve brought into the world and I express my humblest gratitude.

Thank you,
Ian MacCauley

Student Testimonial

Hello Brandon,

I just had to write you and thank you. Thank you in the biggest way possible, that perhaps words cannot express in the manner that I wish. Thank you for developing a massage that embodies all practices and in such an intuitive method. I have just met a local angel who gives massages as trained by you (and Terry).

To back up, I am a yoga instructor. I have been trained through the Yoga Association of Alberta, but moreover, trained by some amazing talented yogis who see yoga moving more into the emotional heart space of dissolving the tensions in the body through “breakthroughs”, and pushing past the barriers and releasing blockages (emotional, physical, psychological) through yoga. I had been told about Clare for a while in yoga, having a few students say: You have to meet Clare and have her do bodywork on you.

I’ve been to alot of bodywork workshops and had alot of bodywork done on me in the past 14 years. I was diagnosed with Rhuematiod Arthritis after my daughter was born, and have been on a healing journey ever since. I’ve lost most flexion in my wrists and a tiny erosion in my right arm is blocking some movement in my elbow. Otherwise, a good remission for the past 6 or so years.

No one has reached the depth of release in my body than Clare with your Raynor Method. All bodyworkers are scared to go deep in my body because of the RA. And it is what I needed!!!! I have only had 2 – 3 hour treatments with Clare, and it is so amazing, so compatible and familiar (like yoga) and what I’ve discovered is too much to write here. I discover things about my old soul in this earthbound body frequently in meditation or on the mat, but Clare gets me there in succinct fashion as well.

Its amazing, thank you. And If I thought my hands were strong enough, I might take the training too!!! It is profound, and I’ve spent thousands on bodywork over the years, and you, your method is what the world needs. Unconfined, from the intuitive trained wise heart, amazing!

I hope I get the chance to hug you in person someday.
Journey forward, there is so much light support for you.
Be well, take gentle care.

Student Testimonial January 2011

Happy New Year Terry, I hope all is well with you in your many travels. I am continuing to do massages here & there in between my current part time dental assistant job. I have to say that after experiencing my many RMT treatments I find Raynor Massage to be nearest to being complete over all. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this new found knowledge you’ve taught me & know that I will continue to use it for the rest of my life. You’re blessed with all the right skills to be able to share your teachings in such an easily comprehendible way with others. In the future I definitely intend to take the Advanced Course with Brandon as I’ve enjoyed your course so much

Wanda Lou-Poy
Finished massage course in Vancouver, Canada

Student Testimonial January 2011

A Huge Inspiration!!! From my first 15 minutes on day one I knew I had made the right choice. Terry told us his personal reasons along with his experiences learning Brandon Raynor Massage Technique to teaching and travelling the world sharing such a powerful massage technique. “Wow” I remember thinking how easily I related to his previous working situation as I was coming from a financial accountants position which involved, stress, stress and more stress… to learn massage.

The 10 day Brandon Raynor Diploma course run by Terry was fun, relaxing and the experience was awesome. Terry showed such passion and love for massage which made learning the Raynor Massage Technique easy. He’s high quality teaching methods, professionalism, life experiences and his understanding of different cultural backgrounds and needless to say Raynor Massage technique made this intensive hands on course very informative and an absolute pleasure to attend. Terry’s massage skills which I experienced hands on was mind blowing and definitely made a huge impact on my whole outlook on life physically and emotionally.

I now feel I have found my purpose in life – to share the physical and emotional Healing Power of Raynor Massage.

Thank you Terry, Gynia and Craig, for your caring help and support!

Sharon Woods (Sydney)
Body Tuning Massage Therapy
Finished massage course in Sydney