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Raynor Massage Courses in London, Northern England and Ireland

Looking for Dublin courses? Please see our Dublin massage course enrollment page.

Raynor Massage Courses in London and Northern England. Brandon Raynor’s School of Massage and Natural Therapies has been providing massage therapy training in London and Ireland for over 10 years. We have a growing group of practitioners which is generating more demand for the massage as word spreads about the effectiveness of Raynor treatments. Our short and intensive massage course provide quality education in groups of no more than 16 people to one teacher.

Massage course in London

Raynor Massage is different to most massage therapies available in the UK and Ireland, it is a holistic massage drawing from Ayurvedic massage, Japanese shiatsu massage, Deep tissue massage, Hawaiian lomilomi massage, Swedish massage, acupressure, and yoga breath work. Brandon developed Raynor massage to make a simple but very powerful and transformative style of massage therapy. Its aim is to find and then get rid of all residual tension in the body. Our courses are hands on and practical, there are no written exams, we do not expect you to memorize Latin names and you will be massaging from day one of the course. You will also learn a great deal from being massaged so you will also receive lots of massage during our courses enabling you to feel what you will be offering your clients. Much massage available works purely on a surface level, working lightly to provide temporary relaxation. Raynor Massage is different. The word “re-lax” comes from two words, ‘re’ to return to and ‘lax’ meaning looseness, the aim of a Raynor Massage is to return the body to a state of looseness. We train you to feel where bands of tension run through the body and then how to release these bands. It is a holistic massage and we recognize that tension in one part of the body may be held, or ‘anchored’ elsewhere – this is the approach that we teach you. In just a few days after starting your training you will be able to achieve results that people would have expected you to spend years training to gain.

Raynor Massage takes the approach that the body is an integrated whole, its not sectioned off into physical structure and emotions, one will always effect the other. A person stressed by work or life events will ‘store’ this tension in the body, people may have deep set emotions from past traumas that have a physical effect on the body, pulling it out of alignment, causing headaches, stiff shoulders, back ache, insomnia and a whole host of other problems. Raynor Massage aims to get to the heart of this emotional and physical tension, freeing the person to truly ‘re-lax’ and be free from tension.

Massage training london

Our focus on developing your sense of touch and intuition in massage allows you to train on short and intensive courses. Our starting point is the

Certificate course, a 5 day intensive course designed to get you started in the massage. If you want to work professionally in massage we would advise you to complete the 10 day combined Certificate and Diploma course. Brandon Raynor also runs the Advanced Practitioner’s course once a year in London allowing you to train to the highest practitioner level, you will need to complete the combined Certificate and Diploma course prior to enrolling on the Advanced course. Demand for Raynor Massage in the UK is high, it stands out above much of the other massage available.

Our London massage courses are held at the Thames Rowing Club in Putney, easily accessible by both public transport and car. Our Ireland massage training course is held in Dublin City and again is easily accessible by public transport. We also run massage courses in Lancashire either once a year or by request once we have a viable group. On completion of the course you can get professional indemnity insurance to allow you to work in a full range of settings.

You can request us to come and teach a massage course in England. We usually require a minimum of 4 people. See group packages for more details. Also you can email us and put your name down for any future Raynor massage courses in England.

For more information:

Brandon Raynor demonstrating on a student during an Advanced Class

You can read more about the philosophy behind Raynor massage here by reading some of the articles written by Brandon to learn about:

Raynor Massage training is only available through the Brandon Raynor School of Massage and Natural Therapies. Courses in Dublin are taught by our Dublin based practitioner who knows the local market well and is also a practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The London courses is usually taught either by Brandon Raynor or by Maureen Abson, the School’s manager who has a busy practice in the North of England, sometimes they will combine and teach the course together. You can also complete your Diploma in the UK and follow this up with a trip to our retreat centre in Hawaii to study for your Advanced Practitioner’s Diploma.

On our massage courses you will learn to massage more than many courses which are years long. We do not just focus on specific areas of the body and teach you how to do a set back and shoulders massage or to work specific muscle groups. You will learn to massage the feet in details, following bands in the legs and into the hips and sacrum, you will learn very detailed hand massage work and learn to trace the bands that start here into the shoulders, chest and back – and where the upper and lower body meet in terms of where tension is held. As abdominal massage is essential in releasing emotional tension you will also learn this powerful element of massage. We teach you to develop your intuition and sense of touch and work with the client’s breathing pattern to unlock deep seated stress and blocked energy and make the massage treatment suit the client, we do not teach a routine massage.

Raynor Practitioners in the UK

Dave Taylor Massage 
Liz Hancock Shining Waters, Raynor massage in Cumbria


Here is a testimonial from a student who completed our massage course in London.

My destiny has brought me to the Raynor Massage Course. I was advised by a friend to learn massage, and I had no idea of what I was about to embark upon. All my life, I have been looking for something more, something special to do, my role in the world. It was time to learn something new and exciting, which is the understatement of the year about Raynor Massage.

massage course London EnglandFor the first time I was massaged, it was both moving and liberating for me; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I learnt how to receive massages, as this was part of the learning process. It was a tall order to learn about myself, manage my own energies and spirit in order to work on other people. It was an exciting and challenging experience in all aspects of my life, it was the beginning of a wonderful and meaningful life for me as well as those whom I will have the opportunity to work on. I guess I can now say that I am happy for everything, even for the recommendations, I am grateful. The thing is that I no longer live in fear and anxiety. The course has changed my life and I am in a much better place, as a person, as a health professional and as the entity that I am.

No longer am I super fed up and anxious about what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow, I now live for the moment and cherish the life that I am given each day.

Things have been hard in life for me and I am so very happy and grateful that they have been tough, it was my journey which led me to you and the course. It appears that I have unlocked secrets of life and about looking after myself and others.

I now accept much more that I ever had the energy or capacity to accept, and I thank you and Brandon for showing me that life is about looking after myself and others at a far different level. I am learning how not to be judgmental. I am learning how to accept myself as this individual, I am learning how to appreciate life and its gifts. I am also learning how to appreciate what is and what is not given to me, as it is all blessed and I know for sure that it is all blessed as I am blessed to recognise these things.

Insight is a funny thing. I thought that I would learn massage to abandon my day job of being a mental health OT, but I don’t know what my path will reveal. I now know that I must learn more about the spiritual beings which we are and the art of tuning into my spirit and living a more spiritual life.

I have been looking for someone all my life to be there for me, to keep me safe and to protect me, to tell me that it will be ok.. And all this time, I was looking for someone out there, whereas I need to look into myself for the recognition, faith, hope, beliefs, courage, love and inspiration.. as it was in me all along, but I never knew. Maybe it was never the right time for me to find all these things.. Maybe it was the horrid past which was the foundation for a brilliant new life which I now enjoy.

Thank you Maureen and Brandon for showing me that life is worth living, I can now learn to trust and accept myself, which is a great start after 40 years of darkness. I am humbly confident that I can now make a positive difference in the world by becoming a Raynor Practitioner. Indeed, a new life and a new world awaits.. Thank you Brandon and Maureen.

Neela, Massage Course in London, July 2012

“Dear all at Brandon Raynor,

I would like to thank all involved with this school, I went on the Certificate and Diploma massage courses which were held at Rochford and Finsbury Park. I had a very enjoyable experience throughout the course, it has totally changed the way I see life.

Being taught by David and Trisha was a god send and a real pleasure to work with, they are true GURU’s, they made everything so simple to understand, and they gave me the mental and physical strength to actually want to learn. They were always very postive in everything they taught and gave very good and sound advice.

Every evening, I would go home and practice on my wife/friends/family on what I was taught, the response I received from everyone was soo positive, beyond what I thought. I massaged a stroke victim, who had very little feeling and warmth on his stroke side, and after the first massage the results were amazing, he starting getting some feelings in his feet and hands and also his hands were not feeling as cold as they were, also his whole body felt flexible, something he has not experienced in 5 years. I will be making a case history on this patient and I will keep you informed on any progress.
Bob Sira
completed massage courses in London

Just want to thank you for changing my life. Since attending the Massage Certificate and Diploma courses in July 03, I feel like my whole life has changed for the better.
I definitely made the best decision by attending the Brandon Raynor School. You’re style is unique, fresh, easy to understand and easy to learn. Since finishing the course, I have been massaging paying friends and family, they love the style of massage and can really feel the benefits.
I now have a room at work (I work for the NHS) and also I do treatment at home.
I really appreciate your sense of humour, especially your laugh that you brought to the class, it really made it a fun class, the whole class loved you. If you ever need help when in London, please feel free to give me a bell.
Take care
Love, Peace and Happiness
Rashidat Bello
completed Raynor massage courses London 2003

Hi Brandon
I’m busy massaging and practising – getting some good feedback. 2 days ago I had a patient in her early 30’s who was so tense in her belly and said she had felt like that since she was 2 or 3 years old but didn’t know how to let go! I only worked on her feet for 30 mins and she got cramp, which we worked through together and then she really really cried and had a healing crisis. She was quite fragile in spirit but worked really hard, so I didn’t do much more. A couple of days later she called me to say she had never experienced anything like it and she felt so much better and wanted to book some more sessions – she felt like the treatment would enable her to find herself and she wanted to get rid of more tension. She was very complimentary which made me feel pretty proud even though I have so much to learn, so thank you once again for your brilliant tuition.
Thank You
Verity Spencer
completed Raynor massage training London July 2003

Dear Brandon
Thanks for the courses – I had a fiiiiiiiiiine time and learned loads…gave my sister a good 1 1/2 hour massage – she said it was the best she’d ever had…that felt really good… a nice compliment to the massage style and of your teaching as well… good skills… I had my first day back in the Royal Bank of Scotland orifice (office) today… man, it was a let down… shirt and tie… stuck at a desk…. I give myself 2 weeks max… then full time massage... Robbie Emmanuel Edinburgh Scotland, completed Raynor massage courses London

Looking forward to meet Brandon Raynor again to absorb his knowledge, the man is a Master in Body relaxation. … I now truly understand the meaning of relax.

Jean Yvonne Bouvet
completed Raynor massage courses London 2009

Have been quite convinced by the website and all the reviews I have seen before to start the course, so I wasn’t too surprised to be efficient after the first week course.

Emilie Bas Dit Nugues
completed Raynor massage therapy course in London 2009

The advanced course was an amazing experience! … I have had the confidence to go full time as a massage therapist.

Angela Parsons
completed Advanced Raynor massage course London 2009

I was very stressed and ill from work. I took time off to do the Diploma course on offer. It was so interesting to watch and practice in a great atmosphere. It has also done me the world of good mentally, physically and emotionally. My only regret was not doing the advanced course!
Ed Taoka
completed Raynor Diploma massage course in London 2009

I have had a wonderful experience and feel privileged to have attended course, its amazing what you can learn in such a short space of time i could not fault it one bit even now after a few weeks I am so pleased with this new ability and am using it as much as I can starting to get noticed now in my local gym where I have a room rented might only break even to start but confident it will improve recession or not. 
Mark Irvine
completed Raynor massage course Dublin

I was looking for a massage course that wasn’t going to be too long where I would get bored before I had finished plus something that wasn’t a superficial beauty treatment. I knew once I had read the info on the net that this was the course for me …… and i got what I was looking for. This massage works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and as I experienced all that myself I know it to be true. Another case of seeing is believing! The weak points and the strong points of myself came to the fore and I learned things about myself from the other participants who always came a day later to chat and I saw myself in a different light and to be honest in a better light than before. What I saw as weaknesses they saw as strengths, a new experience for me! I have already started working and have had clients who are experiencing feeling energy releases on the first massage and emotional releases immediately. I love that as I don’t like superficial things – the world has too many already.

Trish Kling
completed Raynor massage course London 2008


“Amazing! What you learn in 10 days is unbelievable. Can’t wait to start a more rewarding career in massage – a life changing experience!”
Hesta Coring
completed Raynor Massage Courses in London September 2006

“I thoroughly believe that what the massage course has done with massage therapy is pure genius. I would throroughly recommend it. It was all of such a high standard. Attending the course has changed my life for the better”
Mr Tony Johnson
Sussex UK
completed Massage Course in London July 2006

“Before I did this course I thought I could massage pretty well. I was wrong. But now I have the confidence to say I can. The highlight of the course was an out of body experience during the foot massage. Amazing beautiful experience that brought me to tears.”
Simon Dixon
Completed Raynor Massage Course in London November 2006

“It was superb. An amazing experience and very definitely life changing”
Leila Hudson
Raynor Massage Course London November 2006

“Hi Brandon,
Thought I’d e-mail you to thank you for for all your help prior to my attending your wonderful 10 day massage course in Dublin Feb ’07. I have to admit to being “gob-smacked” by your technique. The efficiency with which you can move Qi using your technique is astonishing to say the least, I have never learned so much in such a short space of time. Brett is a great teacher, he couldn’t have been more helpful.Finally, I was lucky enough to massage a lady who is a Swedish masseuse, she commented that the massage I gave her was the best she’d ever had! (This was on the final day of the course when members of the public are invited for massage).
Kind regards,
Michael McElroy”, acupuncturist
completed Raynor massage course in Dublin February 07

“I feel empowered by the massage course. I can’t believe that I have reached this standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending this massage course to others.”
Arthur Dickson
completed Massage School London

“Dear Brandon,
I completed the massage course in London. Jo was my teacher and I just wanted to say how incredible it was. Jo was superb. In fact I can’t really express how good she was but it was very definitely life changing. She was so thorough, so relaxing and her massage demonstrations were pretty incredible and extremely powerful.

Thank you once again for this course. My friends and family are so happy that I have done this course and are really enjoying the massages that I am giving them.

Thanks you once again and warmest wishes”
completed Raynor massage courses London, UK 2006

“I had my doubts how much I could learn in 5 days but my expectations were far exceeeded!. There is no other course like this around. I cant believe I learnt so much in 5 days!”
Craig Burton
completed massage school in London, UK July 2006

“This has been an amazing experience and has opened my eyes to what an awesome massage should be. Brandon obviously knows what he is talking about. He is very knowledgeable and an absolute star.”
Pui Kei Chan
completed Massage Schools London, UK April 2005

“I would surely recommend this course to anybody/. It was a life experience  I learnt a lot about myself and other human beings and I learnt to feel and understand the human body and helped others. The demonstrations were great!”
Anita Magyar
completed course in London, UK July 2006

“One of the best courses around!’
Gary Fullerton
Auckland, New Zealand,
Completed massage course in Auckland 2005

“Exactly what I was hoping for- an intensive, instructive, professional and very enjoyable experience. Wow!”
Ian Towson
completed  Raynor massage school London September 2006

“I would have no problems in recommending this massage course. I am very pleased – the Raynor massage course has helped my confidence in my personal life, I feel a better person.”
Frank Sutheran
completed Raynor Massage Courses London September 2006


“My backache disappeared receiving massage on the 1st day of the massage course. I have been suffering from low back pain for 10 years. Its amazing”
Yukari Ojima
Sussex UK
completed Massage Course in London September 2006





Our Upcoming Massage Courses

Raynor Massage Certificate Course

5 Days

Our 5 day Raynor Massage Certificate Course teaches students all the basics of Raynor massage. No previous experience is necessary to take this course, so it is a great place for beginners to start. This short massage course is highly recommended for people wanting to massage friends and family, although it will also qualify you to start practicing as a therapist.

Prerequisite Requirements

Scheduled Courses

January 07, 2019London, UKDave TaylorView Details
March 04, 2019Dublin, IrelandDave TaylorView Details

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Raynor Massage Diploma Course

10 Days

Our 10 day Raynor Massage Diploma Course includes the 5 day Raynor Massage Certificate Course. Our students begin by learning how to give a therapeutic massage over the first 5 days, we then build on this foundation by teaching more advanced techniques and knowledge. From joint mobilisation techniques to reflexology and aromatherapy, this course gives you everything you need to massage effectively. We recommend this course to prospective students who would like to practice as professional massage therapists.

Prerequisite Requirements

Scheduled Courses

January 07, 2019London, UKDave TaylorView Details

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Raynor Advanced Practitioner's Diploma Course

5 Days

Our 5 day Raynor Advanced Practitioners Diploma Course covers the additional aspects of Raynor massage which make it into an art form. Our students will shift their focus to emotional release work, enhancing your rhythm and flow as a therapist, massage strategy and diagnosis. This class is only open to graduates of the Raynor Massage Diploma Course.

Prerequisite Requirements

Scheduled Courses

September 09, 2019London, UKBrandon RaynorView Details

Learn more about our Advanced Diploma Course

Our Massage courses have helped many people with their career and personal lives.

Karina Gerdum Cibrian Avatar

I absolutely love this style of massage as it truly releases tension. Something that no one else has managed to do for me.

I love the other aspects of this style as well, like being able to give... read more

Karina Gerdum Cibrian 10 Feb 2017
Scott Riethmaier Avatar

I have had on going neck, stomach and anxiety issues throughout my life resulting in over 20 years of different treatments. I was drawn to Raynor massage due to its holistic approach and incorporation of eastern practices.

On the first... read more

Scott Riethmaier 30 Dec 2017
Mibu Medispa Avatar

I have just finished my diploma course with Brandon raynor. The level of skill and precision in which I can now locate and delete tension is amazing. I would of never of thought I would of learned so much in... read more

Mibu Medispa 06 Oct 2018
Charlene Vave Avatar

Best Course EVER!!! I was particularly drawn to Raynor Massage because it incorporates a variety of Massage Techniques from all over the world. I signed up to learn Massage and with Brandon's Course there was absolutely no messing around, we... read more

Charlene Vave 23 Sep 2017
Lucille Drummond Avatar

Highly recommend booking in for the course , was great learning how to release tension etc

I had a sore shoulder for years and within two days Brandons student was able to achieve releasing the tension in my shoulder and... read more

Lucille Drummond 26 Dec 2017
John Martens Avatar

Since I completed the diploma course in November 2016 I'm working full time as Raynor massage specialist and I love it.

John Martens 15 Jul 2017
Ed Selby Avatar

A truly transformational experience. Receiving a Raynor Naturopathic Massage has unseated deep unwanted tension and emotion I have been carrying around for years. Brandon and Cori not only facilitated this extraction they also mentored and coached us on the... read more

Ed Selby 20 May 2017
pr public Avatar

Recently completed the two week Raynor's Massage Diploma Course located at Gympie Queensland. Can honestly say the course was very enjoyable and definitely increased my awareness of the amount of residual tension that we can store away in... read more

pr public 20 May 2018
Danielle Taylor Avatar

Doing the Certificate and Diploma courses were totally life changing for me and I would highly recommend these courses!! Not only did I learn amazing skills and knowledge in a beautiful learning environment, I also met wonderful friends on... read more

Danielle Taylor 04 Mar 2018
Wesley Higgins Avatar

This Course integrates important elements of massage for proactive healing. Very interesting and somewhat empowering! Would certainly recommend this tool to others! Thank you for the fantastic knowledge and learning experience.

Wesley Higgins 01 May 2017

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